How do I interpret this ?... please help

  • I consider myself as being a beginned so I laid the cards for a girl as a practice. I did a past-present-future spread where each row represents past, present and the future respectively beginning from the top-left.

    I interpret the past/background as: The first two cards denote success and the third card denote the ending of some bad period. The Hierophant denotes (in my mind) a marriage and the ten of pentacles denotes that the wedding has had a considerable impact on her/their economy. The marriage was positive which is indicated by the wheel of fortune. The reversed high priestes warns however of ignored intuitive feelings, maybe this is not the man she wanted to marry or there are second thoughts or ...

    The present is a little more difficult for me to understand as "bad" cards are interleaved with good ones: The ten of cups denotes a lasting happiness and security whereas the reversed sun warns about a troubled marriage and loneliness. ??? Is the reversed page of swords a young conniving person, a series of unforeseen events or gossip and slander ??? The magician denotes abandoned plans, inability to make decisive choices. The ace of cups denotes a joy and happiness, perhaps a new beginning ???, which seems to be smothered by the reversed Hermit which together with the reversed seven of cups warns about some kind of self delusion and indecision that causes isolation from others or continuation of bad habits or unproductive lifestyles

    The future seems a bit easier to understand as the cards are not as contradictory with each other: The strength card warns about a lack of strenght or a lack of ambition which may make her feel trapped in a situation, there seems to be hard to find a solution to her problems ans unable to break free. The three of cups warns about over-indulgence, maybe she starts to put on weight from an unhealthy life style or they are living over their means being over-extravagant. The Devil warns warns about greed or obsession, perhaps the marriage may lead to a divorce. The five of swords denotes a defeat from a conflict of interests. The three of wands together with the reversed hanged warns about a lost opportunity due to lack of commitment or refusal to leave old things behind. Perhaps this is foretelling that she will be stuck in an unhappy marriage.

    Is this a balanced interpretation? What do the 10 of cups and ace of cups really say when considering the gloomy context they are in?

  • Here is an image of the spread:

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