Am I seeing spirits?

  • Sometimes at night when im lying quiet i suddenly get a feelings of unease. when i close my eyes I see faces of people. I do not know who they are, have never seen there faces before. the most common is a middle aged male with a short beard. looks quite stern. the images look like if you stare at something for a while and then close your eyes you can still see it. can anyone tell me if this is my imagination.

    thank you

  • Follow your gut feeling, if it feels negative it probably is, learn to protect yourself, someone else will advise you further. 🙂

  • thank you poetic555

    I think it is because I probably wouldnt be asking the question if my gut feeling wasnt telling me. It does scare me a bit though x

  • Release fear, replace fear always with it's opposite, which is Love, say every day and believe it. 'I'M DEVINELY PROTECTED." FEAR feeds negative entities, makes them stronger." Surround yourself in a ball of Golden Light and call on Arch Angel Michael for help, we all have guardian Angels, just call them. Have a wonderful day!

  • thank you poetic555 x

  • 🙂

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