Going back to school

  • School started last week. I have attended 1 class and a web class. I have worked on homework and an essay and bought a books. But unfortunatly had to drop all my classes because of financial aid issues that keep happening.

    Im curious to see if school is just not a road for me. I seem to ALWAYS end up with a road block with financial aid and have to cancel classes.

  • Education is definitely your path to liberation but, unless you are studying something to do with language or communication, I feel all your efforts may be blocked.

  • Also this life for you is all about not taking shortcuts or skipping steps so make sure that you look deeply into any financial aid and understand and follow all the elements and processes. You may have missed an important detail.

  • Thank you so much Captain!

    I actuall was going for an ultrasound/sonography degree. I will certainly take the time to rethink this.

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