The Week Ahead: Being Inspired By Self

  • a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff

    "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." ~ Tao Te Ching

    August ends more with a whimper than a bang. Compare this fairly mellow week with the nerve shattering, cosmic blitzkrieg of late July and early August and you'll sense you're in "vacation" energy. It is almost shocking to realize how the celestial councils organized that virtual tension-plagued dynamic for so many weeks in a row - first the financial markets downturn, the US crop failures and devastating wild fires, and then the slew of horrible public mass killings beginning with the midnight movie-goers in Colorado.

    This week will be filled with a quiet aliveness that shifts you into revelatory vibrations.

    A very powerful and exciting month is at hand as September gets ready to unlock a doorway to Higher Light as we are pushed to make the fundamental changes that support the Age of Light that is upon us. Are you up for sneaking a peek at the "forgotten ancient secrets" of your own Soul? At last settling in the center of the Inner Self and living from a state of mind that is based on "intuitive knowing" rather than the 3-D model that is based on a "belief" state of mind. Now greater-than-normal clarity comes from relying on an inner knowing. Haven't you found that you can automatically know whether information is true or false based on how the information resonates?

    How about being able to increase your psychic abilities, your manifestation awareness, and inert wisdoms? Wouldn't it be great to more fully appreciate the kaleidoscope of 5-D uniqueness that you are? Well September is bringing in some on-the-edge energies that will make possible all of the above. This is one of those rare months when there are very few impediments to forward progress. Don't be surprised if brainstorms and rare insights inundate your consciousness. Keep your journal close at hand to transcribe the wisdom and key tasks that come in over the next few weeks. As a collective we are standing smack dab in the middle of a massive planetary overhaul and we've got to find out what we are truly capable of and then live from that space. September is going to gift all of us with what we need not to repeat our own disempowering history. You owe it to yourself and all of humanity to wake up every day and get close to your Soul.

    If the days begin to feel like a roller coaster ride, slow down and focus on the importance of self-centeredness this month. Become the picture of self-kindness; eat comfort foods, spend extra time meditating, and make sure to get exercise and sleep. This extreme adventure of planetary mass rearrangement has millions awakening to their soul heritage and this month can bring in another revelatory activation within your design of form and texture. That is as long as you can keep your mindset disconnected from fixed ideologies, media turmoil, and the collective disillusionment (hard for the US since we are programmed by corporate media to react to every whim of their creating). Just remember that when the breath of Ancient Mysteries is whooshed into our domain it is very often disguised by chaos so that only the True Master can claim their prize. Be ready friends and don't say I didn't tell you it was coming.

    September = Sacred Sanctuary. Some of the first potent vibrations are already pulsing the Light Body and awakening a wise part of you with a remembrance that saturates your entire being with all the roles ever played and all choices of light acted on that comprehend the bigger picture that is at work beyond the senses of your conventional daily living. You need to be willing to allow this aspect of the eternal Soul self to anchor into the physical body and stabilize your multidimensional presence here. September will have the ability to leave you dizzy from the quickness and vastness of what is occurring. Utilize conscious grounding in order that you have the instinctual wisdom to move forward as one who sees and knows their designed journey and lives life accordingly.

    You are literally entering a time when your internal eyes are opening up and you are now able to see the hidden entrances to the Ascended Self. And as one's eyes are drawn into this new world of vision nothing can keep you from being led, or rather irresistibly drawn, to your perfect place of Soul expression sitting at a higher apex of Light. So powerful is this new creational maturity that all shall Light bend to unleash a magnitude of abundance that fills every crack of your personal universe with what needs to be seen.

    Also getting out her message this month will be God's handmaiden, Virgo. Pay attention to the glow of her season for she opens the gates to celestial riches with the equinox on September 22nd . Equinoxes unlock the entrance to the ethers and multidimensional realms. Virgo encourages sincerity and attentive listening. Because of these two it's my guess that humanity will be liberating patterns, blocks, and beliefs from the collective deeper mind in order that we adopt some new empowering principles by the end of the month.

    Remember it is always a personal choice whether or not to wear this new energy so do not wait on those who still ponder and putter in their humanness. Not everyone will be ready for the rearrangement of brain waves, readjustment of thinking patterns, and disbursement of beliefs that have kept them hostage. Instead, as you move into enlightenment assist others to see the beauty of their own Light, of their life and of their choices.

    There is no race to heaven's gate, just an alignment -

    Rev. Angela


    The harmony and flow of Life and all that exists in the Universe comes from One Powerful Force I call God. This same silent Force is the transformative power of blessedness that fills the very filaments of my humanness with a radiant self love that washes every action, thought, and feeling with true spiritual fulfillment.

    Because of this I now know how deeply every aspect of my life may impact others. I offer myself this day as a sacred model of Spirit demonstrating care and compassion to all I meet. With me is the greatness of God so every day brings me greater good and for this I give thanks. Those who journey next to me begin to understand that where God is, there can be no fear. They move towards a faith that anoints their consciousness with the courage to allow the Light to shine on the places within their psyche and history that needs cleansing and illuminating. It is time that we assist one another so that a new hope for humanity is birthed.

    I love my service to this right work and joyously dance as a guardian of Light this day. I am a unique individualization of God's creation. Within me is faith, and trust in the Goodness of God. Within me is the Spirit that knows only good. Within me is peace and poise. Today an Infinitely inspired confidence leads me on to the places others have forgotten -- but not for long, for what one remembers all soon will remember too! And so it is.

    © 2012 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website

  • This was great and I truly needed this today,

  • Hello again poetic! I've read this thread with avid interest and a growing sense of the "rightness" of it. September has not only brought spring with it here in Australia, but some clarity of vision. My small "aha" moment came last night as I went out for a last cigarette before bed. I heard a chewing sound and knew our resident possum had found the apple I left for her. I went in and got the torch and lo and behold, there was mother possum and baby on her back chewing the apple! THEN, mother possum decides baby's had enough, reaches around and grabs it off baby and starts chewing on it herself. And lil baby tries to get it back. It was the cutest, sweetest, most heart-warming moment I'd had with these lovely creatures and the thought that came to me was "it'll all be okay; pure, unadulterated joy is coming my/our way". And this insight after spending a day feeling pretty tired, cranky and over it all!

    Funny how things work out sometimes isn't it? I've woken up to another beautiful day here and have pottered around doing a few things outside, although I'm also aware of feeling a bit spatially challenged (maybe it was the wine last night hahaha) and fuzzy in the head ...

    So thanks again for posting up yet another "mini-novel" of wisdom!



  • I'm glad you are feeling better, I read a channeling the other day and I thought of you, it was about this period past was about releasing the need of feeling that we are not complete without a significant other. I'm in Florida so it's pretty much summer year round which can suck sometimes. September will be less intense emotionally I think than July, August, I'm so ready for the new, I'm seeing new things, images, features and little blue stars, very cool. I have to try to keep my vibrations high despite of whats going on around me. I notice when ever I breathe in light and swirl it around, it changes my moods, everything. Hang in there sister!

  • You too! It has been a very challenging time, and although I've always SAID it, I'm starting to BELIEVE that you don't need a significant other. Although I'm not aware of needing my current partner more than I want him, I do worry - if we do end it - about coming home to a dark, empty house ... 😞

  • 🙂 Huge Portals coming this month.

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