• I want to know why I always have such a bad luck when it comes to love. To me it seems as if I not supposed to love in this lifetime. I am succeccful in everything else in my life, except from love. Maybe I am supposed to focus on other things in life? I want your insight, please!

  • Hi peace4everyone

    I did a 12 card layout to look at your situation.

    What I kept going back to was a recurring pattern(s) in your life.

    This seems to be the pattern:

    Wands - Cups (you) - Deep Swords

    Pentacles - Cups(you) - Deep Swords

    The first pattern was covered by the Chariot and Lovers so this sounds like an earlier romance that was very passionate?

    The next pattern was covered by Temperance so it sounds to have been much more restrained and managed. Lot of material focus here... 4 and 10 pentacles. This second pattern seemed to have brought you to some sort of crossroads seen in the 10 where you had to decide to move on or stay with the 9... and the answer seems to have been you stayed because the next card is the 9 cups.

    Yet that STILL ended in the deep swords and this one is a 10 on the Richter scale.

    After that is a calm 8 pentacles and 4 swords... so it is like after the smoke cleared you kinda smiled and said to yourself... "you know?... I think I'll just go back to gardening or something... and ponder a little.." SO that seems to be the place you are at now... very quiet and reflective, a little shy perhaps to poke your head back out of your shell...

    At this point you have 2 choices.

    1. Try to unravel these patterns and get to the bottom of what keeps happening

    2. Ignore everything and go about finding a nice mate, methodically. With a proven plan.

    It should be easy to find someone nice, and that changes your luck for the better.. unless you have your heart set on someone from your past. That makes it a little more complicated.

  • You are so right AstraAngel! I think I need to move on from the hurt feelings from the past. Yesterday and now I felt anger towards what had happened in the past. The love was there back then but not anymore. I hope to find someone I can be happy with in the future. I am tired of reaching out to someone who never responds to my texts. Thank you for your time Astra!

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