Would like a tarot reading

  • I would like a tarot reading on my near future. I would like to see how things are going to go with money,work, school, family life and love life. Id like to know some details on my future, what I can expect, what to be aware of, and any advice

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  • Your future is based off your thoughts and decisions in the now and then what you act on. I can see in your cards that matters of emotions and the heart have a heavier weight of change within the next months. You have made yourself vulnerable and dissapointment and oppression are in your immediate situation but as you are preparing for a challenge, the burden will soon be lifted. I think you may be dreading but you know of a seperation that is about to take place.

  • As far as as work and finances, you are in a good cycle and will probably increase your level of contentness and gratitude for your job pver the course of the next three months.

    Self examination and accountability is the outcome of your most recent love affair, but you will attain liberation and clarity.

  • ok, thank-you for your reading. Im a little confused as to the future. what is this seperation you speak of? the only thing i could think is my college. im currently failing a class and if i dont pass it ill be out of the program. i only 2 weeks left and it isnt looking good. i will then have to owe $30,000 for my student loans but wont have a degree. so all that time and money will be wasted! Ince, etc.. just got a job in a new home care company but it has been taking 6 months to get situated with them. and now they are saying they dont have any clients in my county right now! i need to work, im in debt, i owe my mom for cell phone, car insurance. she cant afford it anymore. my boyfriend gives me gas money,etc.. we live together right now.

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