Need some hope

  • I've just gotten out of a relationship with a married man, I'm seperated divorce pending. The married man is the love of my life, and he says i'm his and his true soulmate. I've never had this connection with anyone before and I am broken hearted and grieving.I don't think I can live without him. I'm in much need of some hope and would like to know if he is in my future. If someone could give me a free reading it would greatly be appreciated.

  • Hi there, InSearchofLight,

    I am being guided to offer you two messages today. The first is to carefully scrutinize anything that you are signing or are about to sign. Remain vigilant in checking the smaller aspects first, and check for pitfalls or opportunities before rushing anything.

    I am also being guided to remind you that you have the inherent ability to maintain your peace and well-being. You are being asked by spirit to step forward into the future with a healthy respect for your grief. Explore new horizons; take risks; avoid the temptation to look back with regret. Take the pains from the past and extract their purpose to find the reasons.

    These reasons are vital to realising your personal power.

    Blessings for your upliftment and continued well-being,


  • Hi, Is there anyone that you can spend time with at this time. Is there family, church, friends. Find a group that you can relate with and join as soon as possible. Might want to go on the internet and search adult meeting groups or adult separated groups. It always helps to talk.

    I am a fixed sign and sometimes don't do well w/change. We were meant to have everlasting love so something like this is never easy on anyone. You are not alone. Be thankful for everything that you have been given including health.

    There are positive experiences waiting for you. Think of yourself before him, when you were most happy.

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