Hi Astra!

  • How have you been? Thank you for the reading you did you me at the beginning of the year. Would you mind doingba short reading about love and health for me? thanks!

  • Hi pilotguy

    Nice to see you out there and hope all is going well.

    Sure thing, I can look at this for you!

    I am experimenting with a multi-layer reading approach which seems to work for me. See how well it works in your situation.

    *** Past: Justice and Death - re-balancing and endings.

    *** Present:

    3 > 9 Wands

    2 > 10 Wands

    6 > 5 Cups

    King Swords > Ace Swords

    SUN card > 4 of Pentacles

    Judgment > High Priestess

    These are transitioning changes your life is presently working with. You are really focusing on your path, career you are at some sort of crossroads in your path.

    Love seems to be entering some sort of transition. A 6 cups love situation is changing emotionally, could be headed for the 4 which would mean something very solid and trustworthy. That sounds nice.

    You have been letting something go intellectually, and in its place you are having new ideas, concepts. So there are "new ideas" coming for you to replace the older ones that are receding.

    Something that has been a work in process is being given a new paint job. White.

    In health it does seem that you have moved from a place of 'strength' or being strong, and now you are much more stable materially/physically. So this sounds great for health outlook.

    ***Above/beyond/to come...

    Hanged Man.

    This seems to connect to the love situation and sounds like a union or something very nice working out there.

  • Thank you so much! I am working on my piot career and hope to be done training soon. Do you see a new love coming my way? I have been texting a friend and i really care about her and i was hoping she could be the live you mentioned. Thanks again!

  • Dear pilotguy

    Yes, yes, yes she has to be the one! I would dream with all of your heart and the next time you go flying see that beautiful angel flying with you, your co-pilot in love... 🙂

  • Thanks Astra! Do you think she is the nice emotional surprise you mentioned earlier this year? Right now I have to make all of the contact but I know I make her laugh. She is a bit younger than me and less experienced in dating, but i hope she starts having feelings soon. Any ideas? thanks!!!

  • High Priestess

    That is a nice card to see in answer to your "is she the emotional surprise" question. I would be very very encouraged with that card.

    The MAGICIAN. Keep doing whatever you are doing that is all you need to do. These two card together like this are like Romeo and Juliet.

    I would let yourself soar in magical ways, you know? Really let yourself go in that magic and angels and faery directions in life. That is where are the love is.

    5 of wands and the Star. So there are some little path adjustments with you, and the Star is shining down all you are doing. You can't really go wrong now. This is very exciting to hear about your love interest pilotguy, that is wonderful. Love is in the air for you.

  • Thank you! I will continue to text her a few times each day. I just cant read her at all. lol. How do i let myself soar in magical ways with angels? im kinda dense lol. i have 4 months until 2013 so i hope she falls for me soon.

    should i watch out for anything with her? i dont want to mess it up. thank you so much!

  • Hi Astra!

    I havent heard from my love interest for a few weeks. Ive been away at flightbschool and I havetomgo back soon to finish. Has anything changed with her? i hope you are well!

  • Hey pilotguy

    I did a reading on this and it all looks nice from what I can tell!

    Your path converges.

    She seems to have thought that you are too absorbed in work... so she is sorta waiting on you I think. Some flowers or something might be nice... she would love that.

    best, astra

  • Thank you so much. I sent her a text just to say hi and she was having a bad day. I sent her a few pictures to cheer herbup but no luck. She does like when I joke about going to Europe with her and I hope she wants to go with me. Do you think i will have to be the one who takes the first step?

    As for my career, i hope to fly for an airline and next week i hope to continue flight school. do you see anything new in my cards? thank you! 🙂

  • From that reading it did sound like the ball is on your side. And some nice real things, flowers, a token of love, she would like to hold something from you. 🙂

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