Echange Tarot Reading

  • I feel that readings are better when another reads due to eliminating inadvertant self validating or applying implicit/explicit memory. I would be willing to do a reading for one in exchange for one. Balance and Fair.

    I will post my situation on th enext post: I have court on Sept 5th at 9am.

    I am Libra and life path 7.

  • Male: Frank June 29 1982

    He was a college mate in my night class.

    He initiated comminication with me and always sat behind me.

    We had two conversations, he would always follow me to my car at night in parking lot at the college.

    I offered that we do coffee sometime in 2nd conversation and he cam email me sometime. WSell he started emailing me the next morning and several times.

    He strted accuxsing me of not maiking snese and responding to him fairly and timely even though I was not. I was preoccupied with work, college etc....I did not thinkl much of it but maybe he was a bit insecure...

    He had given me a few passive aggressive stares in class and I really wanted to end the hostility.

    Weeks pasgt and he mesages me and offers the coffee date on March 23rd.

    I figured it would end his hostility I am stuck with him in class...

    I went, he said he was on way but relly he was at the coffee shop and in it..I walked in he there.

    He initiated talk after about 15 minutes about a plan to be an imposter of a priest and went on with cold callus ideas..I was stunned, he had gotten info about me I did not know and repeated acccusations in my face, "f this your f this etc.." He was cool calm and collected and then just altered his state with repeat hostile accusations. I was in the corner back of coffee shop back to window and reacted in fear and threw my paper cup down, the coffee was cold and about 2 oz in it, some hit his cloths and my pants, I ran away from him.

    He falsley accused me with police, they never chargedme but his gf persuaded ahim to file a false civillian accusation. Michele is her name a cinduct coordinator at a college I went to and frank..she false documents and got me suspended. I lost all my credits and poayed tuition about 18 grand all day.

    Michele also sen dme verbal, written and email, phone threats. She needed an exuces for her actions that were unmerited at the college and frank filing a civillian accusation for a civillian arrest was the excuse she did in fact use to the higher ups I went to at the college. It is in the college policy that no off campus event can be pressed or held against a student. Michel;e discarded my evidence as well. She and frank having affair,. I also have a civil suit with the college.

    This court date, 9/5 is for the frank accusation. They affered to acd..that is to drop the case after 6 months,,,but that is not the best for me..6 more months and he can still play "games". I would like insight intoi the courts..the judge Coapman about my case with th efalse accusation, harrassment 2nd.

    Thank you

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