• And I wonder if that is why I feel so much more "welcome" when I'm home on my own on days off ... !?

  • I get the impression that the female spirit is tied here by something buried on the grounds of the property. But she needs convincing that she is dead and so doesn't need to be attached to anything of this world anymore. (I had a ghost in a house I rented in Sydney who was searching for his lost wedding ring - I heard him running up and down the stairs a lot, poor thing - but I told him that he didn't need it and that his wife loved him and was waiting for him in the light. So he moved on.)

    Yes there are a lot of spirits around your property Moon and I can't help feeling that it's because of the dip in the land that draws and holds negative energy like a pocket or trap.

  • Okay thanks for that ... are you able to suggest a way I can get them to leave for good? I have been cultivating some flowers in hanging baskets which has picked up the energy of the house a bit (can't have them in pots as the possum eats 'em!). But as said, I'm a bit grey on exactly how I can move these spirits away 🙂 And I wonder if this female spirit was due to come into some money, but the male attitude then might've been that it was the male of the family who was the rightful recipient, hence money buried? I don't know ... am pulling stuff out of the sky now!!

  • Am also sorry I didn't get back to you and Blmoon yesterday (amongst other threads) but my computer started mucking up 😞 I think now I have mouse problems, so will have to take a trip into town to buy another one today methinks!

  • I tried asking the female spirit about her situation but she very brusquely told me to mind my own business since I was not connected to the property or her life at all. But I do get the impression of a big betrayal from her at the hands of a man she loved. All these spirits need to realize there is nothing for them on earth anymore in order to move on. You could try reasoning with them.

  • Hmmm, I'll give that a go. I did ask her to go to the light this morning before I went into town, and there was a gush of wind that blew up into a spiral. I don't know if this was her leaving, or (figuratively) sticking her finger up at me!!

  • Ha, she is a feisty one! Probably way ahead of her time...

    A thought hit me Moon (I should have ducked!) - could Rodney have been blaming being around you for making him feel out of sorts when it was really Ms. MYOB and co?

  • Very likely! He has said he feels confused, tired and generally run down. I've been the same too, although it has been a long winter which could account for feelings of being run down. In truth though, he hasn't blamed me/us as such ... ah dear, now I'm getting confused again!! Y'know, I set out to try and do a clearing today (without sage coz there's nowhere in this town to get it, so ordered it online) and found that time got away with me and then I got tired again, so laid down for a nanna nap! I wonder if it's HER trying to stop me doing it ... hahahahaha!? Now I'm gettin freaked out :))

  • She doesn't want to leave without the object that she claims is hers. Her 'treasure' she calls it, but I think it just has personal value. Sometimes it feels like a locket and another like a child's doll but she doesn't like me trying to read her and is often confused about what the object is - if it really exists and is not just in her mind...She does feel the house's occupants should be helping her find what is hers. Oh, she just said she likes you because like her you love nature and animals. And though everyone called her Kate or Katie, she prefers Katherine as it is more dignified - and seemly, so she says.

  • Gee ... this is amazing. It makes so much sense. However, I can't recall coming across anything here that was a locket or a doll. Maybe she could give some idea as to roughly where these items are?

    Still think it's ironic that I work with my owners daughter in law Kath (we call her Kath) and that their surname begins with Mac ... Names live through many generations in families sometimes don't they?

    As an aside: I hope she likes Rodney!!!

  • No, she doesn't like Rodney. But then she doesn't like men in general. I think her body may have been buried on the property and the item she wants buried with her - I feel near the property boundary. I have a feeling she was regarded as something of a witch by her neighbours - there was definitely a lot of malicious gossip about her.

  • Gee, so will she chase off any man who comes into my life?? Rodney has just ended our relationship last night ... not for a while, but permanently. I asked Katherine if she had anything to do with it and if so, I don't want her here anymore 😞

  • Would be interesting to find out more about her part in the house's history ... not sure who to ask though, or more to the point, who'd know who'd be prepared to talk about it

  • Though she does consider everything on the property to be hers, I don't feel she lived in that particular house I feel it was a much grander plac ethat she had but I think it may have (been) burned down. And just asking her to leave without giving her a good reason to do so, won't work. She's very stubborn. And yes I do believe she would make any male in the house feel uncomfortable, even if they aren't particularly sensitive.

    PS I don't feel Rodney is finished with you yet but he needs to lay the past to rest before he can deal with the present.

  • I believe her husband may have died young and left her the property (or else it was originally hers by birthright) and that a jealous male neighbour spread lies about her in order to acquire the land. She is not telling me this herself, just what I am picking up from the aura of the place. She herself is very tight-lipped.

  • Well, I asked her if she had contributed in any way with Rodney leaving, then I'd like her to leave because I am entitled to be happy and not every man is going to do to me what happened to her. No response came. Not a breath of wind, no shift of dust. Nada 🙂

    You are probably very right about the original house being burned down, as there have been bushfires throughout here, as recently as 2005, but a few times previous to that.

    I confess to feeling very gutted today, as tomorrow is the day I'll come home to an empty house. I hope to not be afraid to vent how I feel, although I've been crying at the drop of a hat since last night. An improvement on my behaviour in the past; I usually bottle it up, tough it out, then suffer anxiety attacks.

    Rodney is also not faring too well, though we both know this needs to happen. He needs to be back in the house he shared with his fiancee and let himself fully grieve for her death. Who knows how long that'll take, or if he'll ever come back. It may be this will be a permanent ending, and I need to be prepared for that. However, to get myself through it, I'm telling myself he'll be gone for a couple of weeks. Then when that couple of weeks are up, I'll say he's gone for another couple of weeks and so on, until I adjust to it. But already, I am dreading Christmas truth be told ...

  • I don't feel Katherine actively chased Rodney away, but she does make men feel uncomfortable on the property (after what happened to her from her male neighbour). And I am not sure the fire was accidental - she certainly doesn't think so. But she may be wrong.

    I do feel Rodney will be back. So try and get that darn spirit (and the others) to move on before that happens! Or else check out if the first house you liked is coming available...get Katherine to haunt the new owners. 😉

  • Thanks Captain! I'm smiling here 🙂 I'll find a way to get Kath to move on if she's going to keep causing unrest here.

    Even though today is the day I'll come home to an empty house and I'm so sad, after talking with Rodney last night, I feel that he will come back. It'll then be a case of whether or not that's the right thing for both of us. But I have been honest with my feelings, and will think of him every minute. He's one in a million.

    Will see what developes when I arrive home from work today. I don't want to feel afraid of being alone again or of venting how I feel when I feel it.

    Thanks again for this information. A lot of it makes sense, and often being aware is your first "defence".

    AGain, thank you


  • You are caught between two ghosts - Katherine and Rodney's late partner - and both must be laid to rest for you to find peace.

  • I wnt to bed last night with your house in my head and will give you all the images--I was seeing generations of changes. Spirits speak if they choose. In fact all around us where ever we are even this moment spirits are passing by or lingering. You are interested in spirits attached to your area. I know you are psychic but get the feelng you are still early in developing your gift so will explain a few things about haunted places and choices. Not all haunted places are a problem--depends on the energy dominating the place as well as the energy of the people living in the house. If the house has been heavy with a depressed person then it would not be easy to change that if a depressed person lived there--in fact the energy would amplify. A happy high energy person would still have to use energy to keep that lingering spirit from being a problem. And then there is demonic but we will not go there.I do believe when a person is in their highest power and well garded that they can live in a haunted house and share. It's like a truce as good spirits can keep the peace. It's the troubled people who are best not staying. People in grief would be vulnerable. I'm going to be honest and say your mate needs healing time away from your house. Images I get --are from the view of me looking towards your house or front door--first most dominate presence is to the right far back in corner was a burial mound--spirit says mound so this is not a cemetary but something tribal. Next I see a riverthat runs to the left of mound and runs parallel the house long before the house this river ran through there and the mound is on the banks to the right of river--to the left far corner is the dark place. Lots of death. a massacer way back in the time of the mound and many other times. Also there was a massive flooding after a big wildfire that took out mountain trees and a rainy season flooded that area--again massive death on area the dark place on the left side. Your whole propety was once a lake. Long after that it became as is now but there is still an underground river on your right that runs swiftly underground. If you walked across your propety going right eyes closed and realy in tune you will feal the energy change--this is a place of amplifying energy--in fact there was a house on this and it amplified emotions--a woman who lived there was so aware of the feelings of something wrong and the effect on her family she listened to the advice of a woman known for being a healer and was advised to rebuild the house somewhere else and she did have the house demolished and rebuilt elswhere. There was a later time where the area was home to family in different houses and in that left dark place was a man--the head of the family and his family spread out building in your area and there was fighting between them. The father owned the land--he was not easy to get along with--something very off about him--crazy and mean is how they described him. He lost a child early on when they all lived together a little girl--disapeared--this broke the family as her body was never found--talk of falling in an old well---bears---getting lost in the woods but never solved--she was 4 almost 5. This really changed all involved--sometimes there was suspicion cast on the father who had bouts of meaness and drinking and also he had outside men friends who came and went--a stil for making wisky I see and these people were not family but buisness associates and a cousin to the father. Eventually there is a split when the three sons are men--one leaves the area but two build houses one is in the spot where yours is and the other is to the right and in front of the old burial mound. The father lives alone until he dies . Somewhere there was a fire and believe it was the old man who burned down one of the son's houses but another spirit says there has been many fires so you should be careful about that is what I hear.The mother stayed with the old man for awhile after sons left but got in the habit of staying with her sons until eventualy she just lived with the son in the spot you are in although do not seeing it as the same exact house.The father died unoticed for weeks and a laughing voice says they knew when they saw the buzzards crowding on the roof. The house stayed empty till two grandchildren--boys tried living there---they fought constantly. I believe alchoholism was in the family tree as they had many of the grandfather's issues. The mother lived to be very old 94. Maggie, madelyn a name like that sound. She outlived the son in your house spot. There was talk that the old man had money burried. Not sure if that is your hidden wall money as spirit is telling me that many themes repeated themselves over the generations as I am seeing a seperate issue with hiding money and that was a robbery--two men related and on the run hid it in the old man's house--now I get it--it was a rumour amongst the men he sold liquour to that he let some men on the run stay there to hide out and money was hidden on the property but it was rumour. And at some point the two grandsons got drubk and went through the old man's house and the grandmothers busting up walls and would dig looking for money. The old lady was at their mercy for a long time. Her son died in your house spot of pnuemonia --she grieved a long time for him as the son who moved away never came back and the son by the burial ground had a wife who did not like her and she dominated that son--this woman was of dutch decent.The son had a B name something uncomen. The old woman who lingers in your spot called that other house the crazy house and she was isolated from them. That house burned down after the son and his wife died--they died within three months of each other ddurin a flue season. Thats when the two sons moved into the old man's place on the left--it was neglected and a dark place. That area still has that issue. I'm tired and will give you more when it comes. BLESSINGS!

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