• Hi all!

    In talking with a very wise friend on here a few days ago, I thought I'd post a general question up about my living situation.

    I've lived in my rented farmhouse for nearly three years. I've grown to love it and its location. However, I wonder if anyone can see if I'll ever actually OWN it? I haven't approached the owners about this as I'm not in a financial position to buy, and also don't know how many deeds are on the land around it; or even if there is more than one. I'm interested in the house yard and three surrounding paddocks which probably add to about 15 acres all up.

    I am also having repeated thoughts about going back into Alpaca breeding. Hence my question above.

    So, can anyone see if I'll eventually own this house and go back into Alpacas?

    I'll say thanks in advance for any insights you wise folk may get 🙂



  • Aproach the owners. I did aquire a house in a odd way. First I had a rent to own agreement but when the contract ran out times were tough and realastate was iffy and I could not buy it for the asking price. I SO CRIED! I loved the house. Then I just gave it up to God and stayed renting. Several years later they changed the tax laws and my landloard took a big financial hit and he had to liquidate properties. He came to me and said the loan he had on my house was non transferable but if he went bad on the payments the bank would let us assume the loan with him as a cosigner and his name would go off after a certain time of good payments AND he wanted no money!!! In fact we got the house cheaper than had we bought it when we had planned! Talk about a bad event having a big future blessing. He told me he felt we deserved it as we were his best renters and how well I took care of the house like it was mine and we never bothered him. So anything is possable but to start the intention you must plant the seed letting these folks know your interested as you have no idea what could change. Tell them you really love the place and if they ever decide to sell please give you first chance. They may be in a position to offer you to hold the mortgage as it would help them tax wise. Maybe they will say no thanks but at least they know you would love to buy it as you have no idea what can happen later.If you can pay more on your rent maybe they would consider a rent to own where like mine did--he agreed that if I bought the house in three years he would credit half my rent towards the downpayment. After three years we could not get financed for that. Yet two years later we got the house for what he owed so go for it. But plant a seed--and if it goes not good---that can change! BLESSINGS!

  • Moon, I had a 'feel' around your house and something there is not right. Yes the setting is lovely but there is a disturbing sort of jarring energy connected to the house as if some 'unsettling element' was buried in the ground there. I feel you need to step out of your emotions to really look at and feel your house. Be objective. I know you LOVE the house but do you LIKE what you feel about its aura? Maybe you have grown out of the need for it you had originally? I feel like there is a house that would suit you better close by.

  • Blmoon, I appreciate your response, and it sure sounds like I'm in a similar boat to what you were. It's good to hear a success story, especially when it seems like the odds were stacked against you. I hope your house has continued to serve you well, although I'm sure there's little doubt about that 🙂

    Captain, it's funny, but lately I've wondered if I have grown out of the need for the house myself. There is a funny sort of energy about it which I do sense, and I wonder if that "unsettling" feeling you get is from the house having been moved years ago. I think it was originally situated way, way across the paddocks to the right of it (when you are facing it), so that could be what you're feeling there.

    Strangely enough, I have felt that the trees and their grounding energy have been what I most needed when I first moved out here. Some days I'd come home alone, dreading facing that, but would get out of the car and feel like the trees were my company. I still feel that, but just lately I have wondered if the house has served its purpose for me, even though it has always felt like home.

    I'll recount a reading I had about three years ago where I was told that the house I'd grow old in would be very old and in need of tlc, have a red roof, be a pinkish-creamy colour and that there would be a dam to the right of it when facing it from the road. This house fits that description, although the "road" is actually the driveway. I was also told that I'd have neighbours sort of close by, but wouldn't be disturbed by them because of the division of trees. That's about right too; my nearest neighbours are the next driveway along, and we are divided by quite a bit of land and trees.

    I looked at another house prior to this one, which was closer to town than this one, but the rent was too high and I had trouble getting in touch with the lady who owned it back then. It was a wonderful house which needed quite a bit of work though, but ... it never came to pass. It recently sold but I don't know how much for. However, at the time, the owner wanted $180 a week for it which would've just about broken me financially.

    The trouble I have here is my owners, as much as I love 'em, don't want to spend a lot of money on the house even though I've told them the bathroom is falling to bits and the kitchen needs some work. I've painted (with Rodney's help) most of the house (the owners paid for the paint) which has freshened it up some. The owners put an inside toilet in for me in the first year I was here and put a pump on the tanks I have in the yard which improved things immeasurably. But it appears they don't see the need to spend any more money on the place, even though I'm prepared to help with labour if necessary, factoring in work of course 🙂

    So I'm feeling a bit unsettled myself, also factoring in the doubt surrounding my relationship with Rodney at the moment truth be told, and don't know what's going to come out of this. There are times though, I miss living near the coast, or at least being close enough to be able to go and feel that salt water. I get around this by having sea-salt baths about once a week though, and with the wide open spaces I have around me here, I don't miss it as much as I otherwise might. But lately, scenes on tv of surf, sand and beach towels makes me feel quite sad ...

    I am also working on letting go of my relationship. At the moment, I'm as happy as I can be with us living as housemates because we get on so well in that way. It suits me for now, but I know it won't suit me forever in that state. Who knows what'll come out of that ...

    Thank you both for your contribution here. Of course, any other insights will be welcome! And as always, any queries either of you may have I will see what I can get for you.




  • I am still here over 25 years but honestly I think the house picked me and I really let the situation unfold bad or good and didn't force anything. I let it be. I did have other houses before this keeper and like Captain mentioned I did have my haunted house attraction! I was young and had no idea why I had to have that house---in fact I did push to get it and was absolutely in love with it but had no idea why and was not as intune with energy and the whole ghost thing. I learned a lot from that house! It was very old and huge and the first night there all the clocks in the house went backwards! It was a time in my life where I had become disconnected from my gift--I had four young children--there was a resession and my sister had just died. That house really woke me up but it was a crazy time and it did bring a lot of negativity and I ended up giving the house back to the people who held the mortgage--I walked away from it. I found out that the house was used as an underground railroad for slavery and later it was a rooming house for the hard up physicaly and mentaly. Now it's owned by a couple of psychics who use the front as a new age store. My son went in there one day out of curiosity and said you know this place is haunted and they said they new. He bought me a few crystals from them. That was funny. So yes captain can be right about attractions. Now I would walk into a place like that and know immediatly a spirit's presence. At that time my desire was just to have that big house as if it was going to make me feel better. But what I realy needed was to embrace my gift instead of trying to shut it off. If indeed you DO have odd feelings about your house listen to them and really open up to what the house is saying. BLESSINGS!

  • I am wondering if Rodney may have been unsettled by the energy around your house - I feel like it may be some bad chemical in the ground or something like that. It's not in the area but around or under your house.

  • Well, I asked Rodney if he's felt anything odd about the house and he says no. He is sensitive to things like that also, so that's why I asked him.

    It could be that something has been buried under here, but as to what, only God knows! Rod has been under the house a number of times and not felt anything "bad" there except the damp and the fact that some of the stumps are sitting without anything to support!!

    There is a strange energy here though, unless as I said, it is because Rodney and I are a bit unsettled together at present.

    I've never felt unsafe here or unwell though. Have always felt protected and cared for by my trees. However, in that reading I recounted, I was also told that this house either had "money in the walls or it is a house that attracts money". So maybe there is buried treasure underground waiting for me to dig it up!!

    Who knows?

    Thanks again too Blmoon. It's a weird thing really, but this house literally dragged me here too; it was meant to have me in it. So why I'm sensing a bit of oddness about it now is strange. However, it could be what I am going through in my relationship at the moment, as I said to Captain above. Or that buried treasure thing ... rotting and rusting and sending off vibes to get me to go and find it :))

    And yes Blmoon, I also wanted that other house I first saw which was at a much higher rent, but it wasn't to be. I guess if I'd taken it, as said, I might've fallen into financial ruin or had to work two jobs to pay for it.

    Just weird how things work out sometimes, isn't it?

  • Captain--you may be picking up my haunted house or just a coincidence as that house did very much effect my husband and we did have a lot of conflict there. I do know now my husband was attached to a negative spirit there. There was a room that I hated and avoided and my husband went through a time when he would stay in there like he was obssessed with the room--and it had these weird hooks on the ceiling and I kept getting the feeling someone was crippled and suffered in there. My son was little when we lived there but he remembered that room and when he went to the house years later to visit the shop downstairs he asked them about that room and they said they don't use that room. I go past there all the time and am tempted yet repulsed and they are still there ten years but I have no desire to go there. But boy was I so attracted to that place at the time. There have been many posts about people wondering if their house could be causing conflicts and I do believe it happens. I believe when I was attracted to that house I was very low energy as well as my husband and I was shut off from my gift because I was young and still finding it a scary burden.Boy did that expierience wake the dead!!!

  • MOON50

    Money in the walls?! That is very intriguing. Did she say you would find it? You should look up the history. I'm very good at picking up spirits around others as I am a medium but I'm low energy right now but would love to tune into your house and see what I get when I'm recharged. Don't tell me any history yet so I don't get a fresh impression. I'm being pulled to the right and what I see is not what you describe---I see a lot of open land and this odd row of trees--like they were lined up on purpose and they are tall and thin. I feel a lot of pointiness about you. ODD! but I'll connect again later when not so worn out. BLESSINGS!

  • No Blmoon, this is really Moon's house (haha, both moons) I am tuning into. But it sounds like your old haunted house was dreadful (might make a good movie though!). If there is treasure there at Moon's house, it has bad vibes and was maybe obtained through murder or stolen or in some negative fashion. It would be interesting to see if Moon and Rodney could resolve their problems in another house.

    Moon, I feel the first house you saw was not meant for you at the time, but you should sniff around it now as I feel it soon will be available. That is the right place for you.

  • Also do you know why the house was originally moved? Maybe to cover something up?

  • Wow! Have you two given me food for thought or what??

    Captain, I feel you've hit the nail on the head really. I had thought that same thing about the old house me and my ex lived in when we first moved to the country, but that it was more in the paddock at the front of it. We did find what looked like an old car buried under there and we made jokes about there being a skeleton with a brief case in it ... hahaha

    BUT, I do feel there has been a bad energy in this house and I may need to do a simple clearing. And there sure has been something in the walls! A possum and her family!! Very cute, but very destructive. It's possible that I am sitting on a goldmine here, and I agree it could very well be a fortune gained from ill-fortune. Still and all, if I find it, I'll bless it, clear it ... then SPEND IT!! As to the other house I saw before this one, it does lack established trees around it and in the paddocks which was one of the minus's about it. I am open at the moment to whatever comes here really, so I'll keep my ear out and senses tuned. If it appears this place has served its purpose, I'm sure another one will come up for me.

    Blmoon, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Over to the right of the house (and I didn't mean the dam was directly to its right) there is a line of dead trees. They were ring-barked by sheep during the drought as they were starving. In the paddock over to the right of those trees is the dam. So really, the dam is probably about 300 metres away from the house. I won't tell you anymore about the house, but please take your time if your energy is low. I do sympathise; my own is flagging lately 😞

    And Blmoon, there is a question I want to ask you which would require your mediumship skills, but again only when you're ready and able. So I wonder if I could ask you to post up a thread when you feel equipped to do so, and I'll let you know what the question is. It is to do with my partner and his fiancee who died not long before he and I got together.

    Goodness! I have chills going up my back here. You two should start up a partnership and start charging for it; you'd make a mint!! Anyhoo ... I know this isn't all about money, but gee, you guys'd reap it in, if you don't mind me saying so :))

    Thanks so much again!



  • Captain,

    Sorry, in answer to your question as to why the house was moved, I don't know the answer to that. But it was originally what's called a Chinaman's cottage and been added on to since it was moved I'd say. It is quite old; that much I do know, though not how old exactly. And I'd best not say anymore in case it throws Blmoon off!

    Ah gee ... two Moons ... who woulda thunk it?? Hahaha

    Cheers again


  • Have you had any animals on the property, Moon, (apart from the possum family) because I just wondered about their reaction to the vibes- cats, dogs, horses or Alpacas would be pretty sensitive, I would think? And I don't like the sound of those dead trees...

    Is there any kind of a dip or pocket in the land on the property because I am sensing something dark hovering over it?

  • Sorry, I don't mean to scare you - I don't feel this presence wants to harm you, it's more sorrowful and lonely. It feels like it may be guarding something and I also feel it wants justice for some bad thing that was done to it. But only from the perpetrators...but it doesn't realize they are not there anymore. I am getting the name Kate connected to this presence and a surname that starts with Mar...

  • Captain, this isn't scaring me one toss; if anything I'm appreciating what I've suspected in a small part of me.

    The land does dip a bit really; I'm located in what you'd call a basin, surrounded by mountains. If you were here, you'd see that the house itself sits in that dip really.

    There was a small family here about 5 years ago. They only stayed here for roughly 2 years as the lady of the house became very depressed with the isolated location. That is at least what I've heard. They had a young baby, and I believe they kept the baby in the back room which is now my inside loo.

    There also used to be farmstays here years ago when my owners lived here themselves.

    Now the surname you're getting: well, the surname of the owners starts with Mac. I won't reveal too many details because you never know who's reading!! The Kate part I'm not sure about but I could ask around. There is a fellow who lived here for about 30 years when this became the "cottage". He works for my owners, but moved back into town some years ago, but if anyone'd know, Wayne would. I could ask my owners too, but if this has anything to do with them, it might open up a can of worms buried years ago.

    Funny though, when I first was here and tending to the yard and the house itself, it was like the house breathed for the first time in a long time and actually smiled on me. I felt welcome and - as said previously - like I'd come home.

    As to animals: well, my older cat took to taking off for weeks at a time, and finally chose to make her new home a couple of farms up. I have taken food up there for her and a bed, and she's in very good hands. She took off for the last time when she'd truly had enough of my other younger cat and the new dog we got last year.

    The dog. Uggggh. I have an older dog who I've had since she was two. This new one? Ah dear ... let's just say we made an error in judgement taking him on. He's a heinz 57 variety, and so full of beans it drives me NUTS, not to mention Rodney! He's smart though, and I don't mind his nature. But he isn't in the right situation; needs to be a working dog, but there is no-one who wants him. I don't lay the blame on the dog for being wrong for us, but rather us being the wrong owners for him. He would've been put down if we hadn't taken him, but gee ... what a CHALLENGE. Still and all, he may settle down soon, so we'll hope for that 🙂 He's very good at keeping foxes away from the lambs though, so that's a plus.

    My owners run sheep and cows, and often the sheep are in the house paddock. They seem calm enough, and really my own pets have been too. I think my older cat's situation was more a jealousy thing and that she is much, much happier being the only pet with my neighbours up the way. Norma loves her to death and has called her "Sheba" although her original name was "Sophie". I never worried about her going off really, as she'd come back well cared for. She'd stay with me, then take off again. The last time she went, I quietly asked Spirit to get her to stay where she was; and to tell her that I was glad she was in a happier place than here, and she's never come back.

    There are many creatures around here. Birds of all varieties, goannas, blue-tongues and of course the possums! I also get quails as well as the odd pelican and eagles now and then, not to mention the odd kite.

    This is getting very, very interesting ... very interesting indeed. I'm not scared, because there is always a solution to any problem and if I/we can turn up what is causing this presence, then I'll find a way to release it.

    As an aside, I had an infestation of paper wasps when I first came here. I bought a spray and went around to spray their houses. However, the nozzle thing decided not to work! So, I went around the house and asked the wasps to go as I really didn't want to kill them, but sure as aces didn't want to be bit by them either! Lo and behold, they left and I've hardly seen any since. Ain't that amazing?

    This just gets curioser! Let's see what we turn up 🙂

    Thanks again!



  • One other thing: you mentioned "kate", and at first it meant nothing. However, I work with my owner's daughter-in-law and her name is Kathy ...

  • Yes I thought your home had a 'little valley' feel to it. But there is also a depression somewhere where this presence lingers, maybe an old well or fallen-in mine. I feel the presence is female and that she takes kindly to other females, though she was let down by a man and I feel she is not well pleased when they are in the (her) house. She wouldn't hurt them but she does 'smoulder' at them.

  • CAPTAIN--I had the same image pop in my head about money and a crime! AND yes violence over it--someone was shot. Thes were young men who were either related or grew up together. I didn't want to say it yet as I wanted to wait until feeling fully charged. But I think the area has many different spirits ---a female presence that loved her home but was overpowered by family issues. She wants the area free of the negative energy---my impression is she hung on to a bad situation that didn't get better and lost control of her life. She considers it an amends to remove that mistake so it does not repeat itself. Depending on the energy of the people who come to live there it can go either way.

  • Well, this is getting better and better! I'd had the feeling a long time ago that a man died here in the loungeroom but not from natural causes. My feeling is that he was killed in bed and crawled into the loungeroom where I'm currently sitting. I've noticed that it's always colder in this part of the room than anywhere else, although it is near the glass sliding doors.

    Rodney was also told by the man who works for my owners that a man did die here.

    If you are both right, which I think you are, then I need to do some sort of clearing or ritual to placate this female spirit? I'm a bit lacking in knowledge about this, so if either of you have a few pointers, I'd be appreciative! I did do a clearing on a house years ago that had an aura of sadness and heaviness about it, and the old sage did the trick. I don't think I've got anymore of that humble dried herb and would probably have to go miles to get some ...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again 🙂

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