Captain, please help!

  • Hi Captian, u did a reading for me about 2-3years ago and now looking back, everything was spot on.

    I just started a new connection with someone and I would love for you to give me some insight.

    My b-day is 08/02/76, hers is 01/25/78.

    We are casually dating now fir almost a month and I would like to know if you see any possiblitiy in us.

  • Sorry, HL, but astrology predicts problems in a love relationship here, since you two are direct opposites in the zodiac. Opposites do attract at first but when the differences become obvious and frustrating, they can also repel. There will be difficulties and conflicts but still the intensity they generate can often be made to serve useful ends. You do both have insatiably inquiring and curious minds, with no subject off limits. You may be amazed by your companion's natural intelligence, yet at the same time feel some resentment that she has to work less hard than you do to acquire knowledge. She on the other hand may come to depend heavily on your steadfast strength, and on your ability to handle almost any situation that arises. So compensating for each other's weak spots can be a redeeming feature and the greatest talent of this relationship.

    A love affair is not especially recommended in this combination. Your companion will rarely supply the understanding, warmth, and patience that you need, yet will expect you to be very attentive to her - a trait that may naturally arouse your resentment. Marriage is more likely to be successful if you two can make it that far. You, being a hardworking guy, would find your companion's light, enthusiastic mood very pleasant to come home to, while she will appreciate the capable and dependable shoulder you can offer her to lean on. You or a good adviser would have to be in charge of the finances, however, since this is not one of your companion's strengths.

    A friendship will be challenge-oriented, the two of you ready for adventure at almost any moment. Spontaneous and lively, the friendship can spur the two of you onto new heights of achievement, without the stresses and pressures of a love affair. A career matchup can be particularly outstanding here.

  • Tks Captian, we are both female, and I wonder if that would make a different.

    She just ended a relationship, and clearly told me that she's gunshy, and not ready to commit to another relationship ATM. And will continue to date others while we are dating.

    She said she likes me, but there also someelse that she felt strongly for.

    Do you feel any possitive vibe between us?

    You said something regarding my last one involves with someone at her work. At that time, I didn't get it. But now knowing who she's with, it all come to senses.

    I really like her, and trying to open up my heart for her, but I don't really want to get deeply hurt again!

  • No there's no difference with two females - your personalities are what counts.

    Instead of focusing on your own needs for a moment, really listen to what this girl is telling you. She is not ready for a committed relationship yet so you will only get hurt if you ignore what she is saying. The fact that she likes someone else as well should trigger your warning bells that your heart may get broken here because you two are looking for something different in love.

  • Tks Captain, we just ended during the weekend, she said she's more interested in someone else.

    She said she know I'm looking for relationship, and she's not ready to commit and won't be fair to me to keep seeing me, blah blah blah. I guess maybe she just not that into me.

    But our common friends said when they were talking about me, she was totally smitten.

    Only time can tell! I'm just going to take a break again.

    Sometimes I wonder if there's really someone out there for me.

    I waited over a year to make sure am over the last one to start dating, run into this one that I really like and feel comfortable hanging with!!

    And it turns out to be a heartache again! Why is love such a complicated thing.

    Why are people now a days so afraid to commit to one?

    Or am I just being too old school!

  • "Sometimes I wonder if there's really someone out there for me."

    When people ask this question, it often indicates that they don't feel attractive or lovable. And if you don't love or like yourself, why would anyone else? Try working on any self-esteem issues that may be stopping you from attracting someone who will love you as much as you love yourself. That is, you draw to you as much love as you give yourself...

  • IDK, Maybe it is, maybe it's not.

    Except my parents and the woman that i love, I don't really paid much attention as to what other thinks about me in general, one simply can't please everyone.

    There are others who approached me, but I only want the one that i really want and felt connection with, I'm not into causal dating or dating multiple ppl at the same time. I try to keep things simple.

    To me, whole point of dating is to find "the one", if she is indeed the one, she won't want me to spend time with another girl in a date setting, and vice versa.

    I do love myself, that's why I let her go with blessings, the old me would have cling on!

    One thing for sure is that I will not settle for less just because I don't want to be alone.

    No one will know what the future holds, I can only hope that the one she pick is truely the one for her.

    So she is not hurt again as her last one hurt her pretty badly.

    I was just looking for somewhere to vent, thanks for your time 😃

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