How does Moon Sign/Rising Sign Compatbility work?

  • We all here aleady know that there's more to compatibility than just "mere Sun Sign" and thats why so many relationships using Astrology don't work out-the only look at the Sun Sign.

    I do have some questions for the Moon and Rising sign as far as compatibility goes.

    Would the Rising Sign be most important for "first impressions" (asking a girl out,flirting) and for the first phase of the reltionship (just dating and no close stuff)?I'm curiou as the Rising Sign is suppusoed to represent your outer self.

    And is the Moon Sign supposed to be most important once you both get to know each other as by the point in a relationship you bth start fallig in love with each other and start sharng personal stuff and secrets?When finally you start thinking and even having sex for each other and planning for marriage?I mean the Moon sign is supposed to be your inner selfi sn't it?

    I mean I read of stuff where people hae incomptible Sun Signs and don't get along well at first bu once they start revealingtheir hidden self (which have compatible Moon Signs) they start totally meltig for each other. And I read stuff in which peopl have perfectly copatible rising signsand when they first start dating they seem perfect for each other but once they get more intimate and deeper to ther personal self,the relationship gets crushd in an instant (and analysis shows their Moon Signs are not compatible).

    Am I correct here?

  • Yes there are many variables involved in relationships. Rising sign IS our Persona, that character we don when around others. your rising sign is also important because it sets out houses, those major parts of our lives. What signs are on the cusps of the houses and , consequently, which planets occupy ( or 'Lord' ) these houses determine . The rising sign is complemented by ones descendant sign, the sign on the cusp of the 7th house of partners and relationships. Like an Aries rising native will naturally be attracted to the Libra rising individuals (this is where opposites attract comes from).

    Our Sun sign is very much our "true" inner self, Moon is our emotional self

    What happens all too often, is we meet someone who , by rising sign for that is all we see at first, seems compatible, then after we work our way through that "getting to know you" First house phase, then we get to see what is behind that metaphorical mask, This is when our Sun selfs become exposed..

    Our Moon signs , well that is an indication of how we nurture and what we need to FEEL nurtured ( or , loved if you will) is our EMOTIONAL selfs. so yes it is very possible for two incompatible otherwise sun sign people to form strong lunar emotional bonds .

    Of course , there are other planets in play, Like Mercury, (communications and thought patterns), Venus (desires) , Mars (Passions) , Jupiter ( personal growth) and Saturn (restraint)

    Case in point, My wife is a #Gemini Sun and I am #Virgo Sun (srry about hashtags, Is a twitter habit) by all typical interpretations, incomparable basic personalities. HOWEVER she is a #Taurus rising and I am Virgo rising. Our basic Persona's click and harmonize. Our Moon signs, though, tend to conflict at ties, I am an Aries moon, so express my lunar Love through doing things for her , she expresses her Cancerian "Love" by mothering and nurturing .

    Does this shed any light on your question, P.A??


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    Also do the outer planets such as Pluto play a role in relationship compatibility?

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