Help with my reading please

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang. I do hope that you are right and I will live in the present and not the past nor the future. I will keep you posted although it doesnt look too hopeful at the moment

  • Hanswolfgang: You didn't answer my other question...Is he going to marry me???? Does he truly love me to stop his deceits and make a committment...Or do I need to get out of it ////

    Please expain this to me...MCPeace...

  • trace21,

    create a synthesis between materialism and

    spiritualism. There is no need to divide them, because

    man is both body and soul. If man can be both body and

    soul, then religion should be both materialist and


  • MCpeace

    Is he going to marry me???? No.

    Does he truly love me to stop his deceits: Yes.

    ...Or do I need to get out of it ////: No.

    Please expain this to me: Come into a harmony with your world. Discretion and a true heart are the key to survival.

    But you may not be sensitive. Whatsoever you are

    doing, you may not be sensitive. You have become

    insensitive because in insensitivity there is a certain

    security. If you do not feel much, you suffer less. The

    person who feels much suffers much. Because of this, you

    have tried to make yourself insensitive. So when

    something happens so intensely that it is impossible to

    avoid it, then only do you become aware. Otherwise you

    go dead, asleep. You move on. That insensitivity will

    create problems. Then when you meditate, you will not

    be sensitive to what is happening to you.

  • Hello Hanswolfgang

    I agree about your last statement. I have become numb to some extent. My past been very hurtful by my mother, father, ex husband,siblings and bad events in my life has made me this way. I've learned in my heart to forgive all of them. I longer play the VICTIM Role in my life. I see the light but sometimes Relationships have been the hardest to figure out. I've been divorce for 14 yrs now and looking for someone to settle down with. Only had a 5 true relationships since my divorce. I don't bring them around to my family unless I know for sure. I'm always alone in family functions-tired of hearing my family questioning me about my status-especially if I turned LESBIAN since no man in my life.. Secondly When I love, I love hard I devote myself 100%.

    Some of my relationships have been very hurtful..Lying, deceit and cheating have been the culprits. So yes, those situation have made me stay in my shell. A man will need to really show me true dedication, loyalty and securtiy before I can truely open up.

    Paul, I feel a strong connection but has lied to me so many times and question his judgement.

    A previous relationship Abel 11-11-75 (before Paul) I trusted him so much and I allowed him close to my family. Went so far to introduce me to his family as his future wife and looking for a ring....Long story short . He lied -was married to someone else ...I sometimes feel Marriage is not in my future

  • MCpeace,

    Abel 11-11-75: Though this is about expanded consciousness, it is also about negative thinking. He must let go of many negative mental patterns accumulated from past lives if he is to access the inherent power. He could do and reach the very heights of recognition. This is also sexual enjoyment and pleasure seeking. If this is allowed to dominate, much time and energy is wasted that would otherwise elevate him to great accomplishment. He is here to end a major cycle in his soul's development, a completion that should see him giving his wealth of knowledge to the world. There are some debts to be paid, but once these debts are paid, he can proceed with his cosmic task of enlightening the world. Financially he is always assisted and he does well in his own business if he doesn't let it spoil his spiritual values. He cannot be totally materialistic or mercenary.

    In this world you are only able to drop things when

    the pain becomes so unbearable that you cannot afford to

    keep them anymore. The identification you have with

    your body is not yet so intensely agonizing to you. So

    no matter how much the sages explain it to you, no

    matter that the mystics say, "You are not the body,

    drop the identification with it!" you just hear them

    saying it, but inside you are rigidly attached to your

    body. You may regularly repeat such statements as "I am

    not the body" -- you may have recited this many

    thousands of times -- but still you are convinced

    internally that you are the body. Any hurt to the body

    is a hurt to you. If the body is ill, you feel ill. You

    feel beautiful if your body is beautiful, and if your

    body is ugly, you feel ugly. When the body grows old,

    you grow old along with it. Naturally, when your body

    dies you will die. How ever much others say it, at the

    most you can create a false illusion around yourself, but

    without experiencing, the truth does not arise in you.

    So you have certainly the intention of

    getting rid of some fear, but enhance your fear

    because that is the only way to destroy it.

  • Hanswolfgang: Thank you very much for all your insights. I completely understand your statements and I will keep in mind ....Its was ackward when I realize that these two men that affected my life greatly were Scorpios, Since they were born in same sign does that mean their readings are similar? The reason I ask that is when I met them I realized the same characters, likes and dislikes, even dress the same... When I met Paul I picked on the same material things he owned as Abel. Funny, they wore the same watch, sunglasses, shoes, and show-offs...Very materialistic, both of them. Presently both of them are having financial difficulties, they were forced to stop buying expensive items, stop going out to fancy restruants...Paul lost many jobs, and Abel is having problems keeping his shop open...

    When I picked up on these things I asked Paul about his DOB and thats when I realized it..So do they have the same readings eventhough born in different years....


  • Hi Hanswolfgang I really wish that I understood what you had written there lol. I dont understand all of your riddles

  • MCpeace,

    Since they were born in same sign does that mean their readings are similar? No.

    So do they have the same readings eventhough born in different years....: Yes.

    You will have to find a synchronicity with the

    heartbeat of Tao. You will have to fall in rhythm. You

    will have to attain to a kind of harmony. Hence, Sufis

    are so mad about music, singing, chanting, dancing. Not

    reasoning, but dancing -- because only in dance do you

    start falling with the heartbeat of the whole. Only in

    dance does the moment of grace arrive when you are not

    and Tao is. Only in dance does the separation between

    the mind and the body disappear -- and you are one

    whole, one piece, all together, no more fragmentary.

  • trace21,

    There was a doctor who was tired of a young man,

    because every day he was standing there. He was poor,

    he could not pay, and the doctor had tried in every way

    to convince him, "You are perfectly healthy."

    But every day something new. One day it is

    stomachache, one day it is a headache.... He told Osho,

    "What should I do? It seems cruel because he is poor,

    an orphan, uneducated, unemployed..."

    Osho said, "Do one thing: send him to me and just tell

    him, `He is a very difficult person; he knows, but he

    does not want to waste his time, so he is very

    secretive -- but he has the power ... if he touches

    water, the water can heal anything -- but he will not

    touch it. But you remember, remain insistent. Sit in

    front of his door.'"

    He came nearabout nine o'clock in the evening and he

    said, "I am suffering badly from stomachache."

    Osho said, "I am not a doctor and if you are suffering,

    suffer. Why should you bother me? When I have

    stomachache have I ever gone to you and tortured you?"

    He said, "No, you have never come."

    Osho said, "That makes it simple; just go home."

    He said, "It is strange, I have been told by Doctor

    Barat, the famous doctor, that you have a power, a

    spiritual power. If you can give me a glass of water

    and touch the water I will be healed."

    Osho said, "I cannot do that."

    He said, "Why can't you do that? It is not much I am

    asking. I can bring my own water, I can bring my own

    glass; you simply touch...!"

    Osho said, "I cannot touch at all! Why should I lose my

    spiritual power?"

    He said, "Now, you have accepted that you have

    spiritual power."

    He ran home and brought a big bottle full of water.

    Osho said, "I am not going to do it because a

    stomachache is not something immortal, it will

    disappear sometime. It will teach you patience,

    suffering, acceptability and it will give you great

    qualities. I cannot disturb your life."

    He said, "You seem to be a very hard person. You

    cannot just touch my bottle?"

    Osho said, "I cannot touch it."

    Twelve o'clock in the night... Osho used to live with his

    aunt; she was listening from her room. Finally, she

    came out and said, "You are also almost insane! If he

    wants to be touched, just touch the water and get rid

    of him. Wasting time for three hours. I have been

    listening -- there is a limit!"

    Osho said, "Nobody can convince me, you simply go and


    She said, "I cannot sleep because this man is sitting


    And the man said, "This is a good opportunity." He

    touched the feet of Osho´s aunt and said, "Just help me, he

    seems to have no heart at all... three hours and I am

    suffering so much from stomachache."

    Osho said, "Listen, I can touch, but you have to promise

    me not to tell anybody, because I don't want a queue

    the whole day, I have to do something else too."

    He said, "I promise, absolutely promise: in the name

    of God I will never tell anybody."

    Osho touched his bottle. He immediately drank the whole

    bottle and he said, "My God, I have never felt so high,

    not only is the stomach completely cured, other small

    diseases, they are gone and I feel so much power."

    Osho said, "Remember the promise."

    He said, "Just one thing, my mother is very sick."

    Osho said, "You have started."

    He said, "No, I will not tell anybody, I will just

    fill the same bottle."

    Osho said, "That you can do, but don't bring anybody

    here and don't bring your bottle again! Once I have

    touched, that's all!"

    And you will be surprised to know that he became a

    healer instead of being a crackpot hypochondriac. He

    would fill the same bottle with new water. But because

    Osho had touched the bottle, even though the water went on

    changing, he was curing everybody. People started

    coming to his home from faraway villages, and he

    enjoyed it very much. He came to thank Osho.

    Osho said, "You should not come here."

    He said, "No, I have not come to ask anything, but

    just to tell you that the bottle is working."

    Osho said, "You cure as many people as possible."

    After many years Osho passed from that village again. By

    that time he had become a very famous healer.

    Doctor Barat, a very famous doctor, said to Osho, "What

    have you done? Because I used to have migraine once in

    a while and I had to ask that stupid boy, `Will you

    give me some water from your bottle?' And it is a

    miracle -- the migraine disappeared."

    Osho said, "It is spiritual healing, but never tell

    anybody about it."

    He said, "But I had never thought that you really

    have that power. I was just joking and just wanted to

    get rid of that fellow. And now whenever I have any

    trouble, instead of my own medicines, I send my car to

    find that boy. He comes in the car with the bottle --

    just a cup of water and it works!"

    Osho said, "It has to work... spiritual power."

    The question is if you trust, then anything is possible.

  • Hello HANSWOLFGANG: Ive decided to let things go as they are with Paul. The only thing I'm doing is creating negativity around since I'm asking myself repeatedly why hasn't he called, just sends short emails...Obviously he is secretly keeping something from and playing his games again... I will continue with my meditations, job searches and spend more time with my family. I need more positive energy around me at this time and worrying about his wearabouts is not helping. I'm better woman than that and deserve better from a Man.. Just want to thank you for all your advice and I will contact you soon



  • MCPeace,

    there is a famous poem of Jalaluddin Rumi;

    Jalaluddin says:

    A lover comes to his beloved's home, knocks on the


    The beloved asks, "Who is there?"

    And the lover says, "I am -- your lover."

    The beloved says, "The house of love is so small, it

    cannot contain two, so please go back. When you are no

    more, then come again. The house of love cannot contain

    two, it can only contain one."

    So far so good!

    The lover goes to the forest, he becomes an ascetic.

    He meditates, he prays to God. His prayer is only one:

    "Dissolve me!" Many moons come and go, months pass,

    years pass, and one day he comes back. He knocks again

    on the door, and the beloved asks the same question:

    "Who is there?"

    And he says, "Now I am no more, only you are."

    And Rumi says:

    The doors open and the lover is received in the home

    of love.

    Then who is

    the person who is saying "I am no more"? Even to say

    that "I am no more," you are needed. It is as foolish

    as if you went and knocked at somebody's house and he

    leaned out of the window and said, "I am not at home."

    That is self-contradictory; you cannot say that. To say

    it is to prove that you are.

    So the

    beloved says, "Go back again because you are still

    there. First you were positively there, now you are

    negatively there, but it makes no difference."

    The lover goes back. Now there is no point in praying

    because prayer has not helped. In fact, prayer cannot

    help: in prayer the duality persists. You are praying

    to somebody; God becomes your "thou." God cannot help.

    Now he becomes a Zen monk -- not a devotee but a real

    meditator. He simply goes deep within himself,

    searching and seeking. "Where is this'I'?" He tries to

    find out where it is. And anybody who goes in is bound

    not to find it because it is not there; it is

    non-existential, it is only a belief. So he searches

    and searches and finds it nowhere.

    So he comes back, knocks on the door. The beloved

    asks the same question:'Who is there?" And there is no

    answer because there is nobody to answer. Just silence.

    She asks again, "Who is there?" but the silence

    deepens. She asks again, "Who is there?" but the

    silence is absolute. She opens the door. Now the lover

    has come, but he is no more; there is nobody to answer.

    He has to be taken inside the home, taken by the hand.

    He is completely, utterly empty.

    This is what Zen people call "emptied suchness."

  • hello, i am evy

    i asked why my father died and took three cards

    about the past: the world card came up

    about the present: the star

    about the future: death

    what does this mean?

  • Hanswolfgang: Not sure if I understand but let me tell you if this is what you are trying to say: Once he is ready to knock at my door there will be no one to answer since he kept saying there was only room for one several times. If not then clarify in simplist terms please. I love your knowledge of all these poems and letters....Food for my

    I've given him so many chances and made myself available. I made my share of mistakes in this relationship too but always opened my heart to him. I truly love him with all my heart and hurts to be ignored..Fear the unknown..just typing this to you I'm getting emotional and fighting back my tears...I have to be strong and let go what probably wasn't mine to begin with....


  • This post is deleted!

  • EvyNe,

    i asked why my father died and took three cards

    about the past: the world card came up

    about the present: the star

    about the future: death

    what does this mean?

    He was in harmony with his world, then a hope arose which pulled him out of his body, in which he was firmly rooted. Now he will know his goal, transformation.

    So every moment of love will be followed by a moment

    of repulsion. The vital energy exists in polarities. It

    never exists at one pole. It cannot! And whenever you

    try to make it do so, you try the impossible.

  • MCpeace,

    clarify in simplist terms please: patterns in your soul have caused this.

    A dream is a very small thing. How can you enter into a dream totally? One can enter more intensely, more passionately into a feeling; even then one is not total. Totality happens only when you enter into being, but feeling is closer to being. Feeling is like a door of the temple. The moment you stand at the door, there are both possibilities: you can run out, you can run in.

  • Hanswolfgang: You're saying I'm the cause of our problem "My Soul Patterns are causing this raft, I don't understand how but will take your advise...Thanks


  • MCpeace,

    people only pretend the game of love, they don't go

    into it. They keep a distance from any deep commitment,

    from any total involvement, because if you really go

    very close in the world of love, the flame of love is

    going to burn your ego.

  • Hanswolfgang: Hello again my friend, hope everything is all well for you. Well its been two months since I lost my job and needing another reading. IS THERE ANOTHER JOB COMING SOON? I've had several interviews and great prospects of having a job but something always goes wrong. Many offers placed on the table and during the investigation process something negative happens. I tried to do some of my own investigation work on this and ask frequently why the CHANGE of mind. By law the only info required to ask a previous employer is dates of employment. I'm feeling as if they are BLACK BALLING my job oppurtunities...NEED YOUR GUIDANCE


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