Help with my reading please

  • My quetion was: Will I be able to get my son Joseph's child support which was wrongfully used to pay a welfare debt. PS. my son was never in welfare he is dissable and is getting SSI!

    the cards I got were:

    Self: The Tower Blocks and Inhibitions: 5 of wands

    Situation: Ace of Wands Allies: 3 of swords

    challenges/Opportunities: Ace of Pentacles Advice: Ace of cups

    Foundation: Five of Cups Long-term Potential: seven of wands

    Recent Past: Knight of Wands

    Higher Power: Temperance

    Near future: The World

  • mayramm11,

    Self: The Tower Blocks and Inhibitions: you want harmony at all costs.

    Situation: Ace of Wands Allies: There is a painful mixture of thoughts and feelings.

    challenges/Opportunities: Ace of Pentacles Advice: every activity is unnecessary, until love is arising.

    Foundation: Five of Cups Long-term Potential: you are grieving over spilled milk of broken relationships instead of turning around for new ones.

    Recent Past: you went far to get what you wanted.

    Higher Power: your inner equilibrium, if you are able to regain your balance.

    Near future: harmony will come into your world.

    A man was dying and his wife told him 'Remember, be

    faithful to me. I don't know about the other life. And

    the man said 'I will remain faithful but you also

    promise me that you will remain faithful -- because I

    know about this life, and whenever you do anything

    unfaithful to me I will turn in my grave.'

    After many years the woman died. The moment she

    reached the door of heaven she asked Saint Peter 'Can I

    meet my husband who died twenty years ago? His name was

    John.' Saint Peter said 'But there are thousands of

    Johns here. Can you say something specific about him?'

    She said 'Only one thing, that when he died he told me

    that if I am ever unfaithful to him he will toss and

    turn in his grave.'

    Peter said 'Then don't be worried -- he is a

    well-known figure. People call him Whirling John. He is

    continuously whirling!'

    Even in the grave, even in the other world... But old

    habits don't die. People die, habits continue -- they

    have their own life and their own momentum.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang

    I would like a reading too. First, will I find temployment soon and would like to know about a relationship I have with Paul off and on again. I feel a powerful strength about him and i would like to know if our relationship will ever become more committed. Would appreciate your insight.

    Thanks MCPeace

    My DOB 7-12-69

  • MCpeace,

    I would like a reading too: if you are deaf to the warnings to repent, misfortune will deepen.

    First, will I find temployment soon: no.

    and would like to know about a relationship I have with Paul off and on again: you cannot find any real contact.

    i would like to know if our relationship will ever become more committed: yes.

    Would appreciate your insight: you do really love.

    But you have to clear your mind.

  • to hanswolfgang,

    thank you so much for the interpretation. I did when far to Encino to talk to a lady about the mistake in child support. Yes I did came a little sour about my X husband and me relationship. I just wanted for her to know how I felt when people seem to have being working for my X instead of me. But I felt she did not believe my whole story so she said she will investigate to check if it is true that my son was never in welfare. My x-husband is taking me to court he is accussing me of violating a court order, among other things. I would like to know if you see what the outcome of this will be I am going on June 29th 2010. Thank you again my Birthday is June 11, 1964. Thank you again! Mayra Mendoza

  • mayramm11,

    I would like to know if you see what the outcome of this will be I am going on June 29th 2010: Captive and on display in a golden carriage, he is ashamed of the spectacle he has become.

    Such regrets will lead to good fortune.

    my Birthday is June 11, 1964: This usually brings measurable success in one of the mind-related fields or endeavors. This could be publishing or teaching or other areas where large groups are benefiting from your talents and mental brilliance. Recognition for your talents and efforts are common. Essentially, you are a 'teacher'. It means spreading knowledge or information to large groups of people. This is great for those in the publishing, radio or television businesses where much information is being distributed to large numbers.

    I will tell you one anecdote. It happened: A man came

    to Nagarjuna, the great Buddhist mystic, and the

    greatest alchemist that India has ever produced. The

    man said, "I would like to meditate, but I cannot. I

    try to concentrate on the name of God, but my mind goes

    on slipping here and there. I completely forget the

    name of God, and other things come into the mind. My

    mind is a crowd, and I cannot manage it in any way.

    Help me."

    Nagarjuna looked at the man and said, "Forget about

    God. Tell me one thing: do you love somebody?"

    The man felt a little awkward, embarrassed. He said,

    "You have asked and I cannot be untrue to you. But

    don't laugh at me, I am a foolish man. I don't love

    anybody; I love only my buffalo. But I really love her,

    she is a beautiful being."

    Nagarjuna said, "That will do, because it makes no

    difference whether you love God or the buffalo. Even a

    buffalo is a god -- a goddess. So that will do. You

    just go into that cave, and sit inside the cave, and

    you just continuously think only one thing -- that you

    have become your buffalo."

    The man said, "This will do, I can do it. In fact, I

    am wondering how you came to know it, because sometimes

    I think... I love my buffalo so much that sometimes I

    think how it will be if I become a buffalo in my next


    Nagarjuna said, "You go, and don't come out of it

    until I come and ask you to come out."

    One day passed. The second day passed. The third day

    passed. On the fourth day, in the morning, Nagarjuna

    reached the cave and he said to the man, "Now please

    come out." The man tried, tried but he would not come

    out. Nagarjuna said, "What is the matter?"

    The man said, "You see? the door is so small... and

    don't you see my horns? I cannot get out of it!" Three

    days, continuously thinking that he is a buffalo, a

    buffalo, a buffalo.... He autohypnotized himself: he

    WAS a buffalo! Whatsoever you think, you become.

    Thinking creates your identity.

    The man started weeping. He said, "Now it seems that

    I will never in my life be able to get out of this

    cave. And for three days I have been hungry and

    thirsty, and now I cannot get out. You help me,

    please!" And tears started rolling down his face.

    Nagarjuna said, "It is difficult, I can see it is so

    difficult. Now you have to go back and again become a

    man. Now think that you are a man and not a buffalo."

    The man had to think for at least three hours that he

    was a man and not a buffalo -- in three hours the

    buffalo disappeared, the delusion disappeared. He

    opened his eyes. He came out laughing, and he said to

    Nagarjuna, "Whatsoever I needed, I have attained."

  • I am sorry I do not understand. I want to add that my X-husband has made a big mistake. He has declared that he is the head of the househall of 6 people when there is only him, his new wife and a child that she had by another man. When you said captic and on display. I wonder if that is the reason. But then you mention the good fortune. He is taking me to court because he said I violated a court order. One having my daughter go to a private school before asking his permission or if he agreed. I had as for a transfer due to a girl and her boyfriend hitting my daughter and my aunt at school and the school trying to put everything on my daughter even though my aunt was the an saw everything, but my aunt was affraid to go to the police cause we are hispanic and things with them end worst usually and we were afraid. The school refused to provide another school a place were my daughter could be saved. So I when to a catholic school and pray to god they will take her in, I was able with god's help get her in prior to the school trying to put me in jail for not sending my duaghter to school. The school then tried to have an emergency IEP to NOW provide an optional school for my daughter after they refused they offer the same school they had refused me to have, and got my X-husband when I have ask him not to go, and by my x-husband actions then later send me a letter saying that the school would not pay for the private school because they had made an offer and I did not take it. Which is not true. It was too late already. Also I ask my X-husband to removed the insurance he had provided because the deductable was $2,000 dollars and I could not affort it my daughter is in SSI and her regular medical would not pay because they wanted his insurance to pay and this would not pay until I pay that huge amount of money. My daughter started to pass out at school. They call ambulance she was in the IR and the insurance was wrong. After much devate with social services to get Medical to cover the cost, they hear me and put me at a code that would allow the hospitals and doctors to charge medical directly so she could get the medical needed. But they also told me that I must get rid of the insurance he had put so no further problems will occur. Now my X-husband is taking me to court for that too. and other things. The fact is that he wants to see me hurt. I would like to know if what you are saying is that I will get hurt and he will be fortunate at that I hate to said I being made a martin, but I think I am. Please let me know if things will be on his favor or mine! Also what I should do about the tax evation, I don't want to do evil, is not good for the hearth and the soul, and at the same time I feel that perhaps I will end up behind bars while he is free when he is the one who is doing much of the evil. Please what do to, God Bless

  • mayramm11,

    I would like to know if what you are saying is that I will get hurt and he will be fortunate at that: No. Please let me know if things will be on his favor or mine: Neither nor.

    Also what I should do about the tax evation: Get the help of a lawyer.

    Please what do to: When meeting an impasse, turn your gaze within, and view the obstacle from a new perspective. Offer your opponent nothing to resist. Let a lawyer guide you in this. Good fortune lies along this course. The obstacle lies in obstinance. An insistence on only one way of proceeding has brought things to an impasse. You may either continue banging your head with irresistible force against this immovable object, or you might step back and survey this situation from a fresh perspective. Which is immobile here -- the obstruction or your attitude?

    A very young niece was visiting a holier-than-thou

    aunt in the country for the summer. Her puritanical

    attitude was in constant evidence. Every time the

    little niece wanted to do something, the long faced

    aunt would say, 'Don't do that... you can't do that.'

    One day the little niece was walking down the road,

    very unhappy, when she came upon a long faced mule near

    the fence. She walked over, patted its head, and said,

    'Don't feel bad, Mr. Mule, my aunt has religion too.'

  • Hanswolfgang: I don't understand your statement of "Repent" . I consider myself a spiritual person and I practice repentance on daily basis. Please advise. As for my employment issues how long will it take to find one......What's keeping me from moving on with my life with Peace, Love and Happiness. I'm tired of fighting with bad luck...Cursed...Always being misunderstood

    Secondly, I do feel connected with this man and that's what confuses me about this. I can sometimes feel and aware of his thoughts without him saying a word to me...I know it sounds strange. You tell me if am fooling myself....

    I know Cancers can be kling and desire constant attention but I only want to have a Normal Relationship with a man that can be true and good for me. Sometimes I feel like am misunderstood of my actions. Once a person gives me all those qualities, I give back the same.

    Thanks MCPeace

  • MCpeace

    Please advise: Be yourself against all expectations of others.

    As for my employment issues how long will it take to find one: as long as you let your mind depress you.

    What's keeping me from moving on with my life with Peace, Love and Happiness: your charging things energetically.

    You tell me if am fooling myself: no.

    Your friend wants to pick a fight with you. That confuses you. But it simply means he loves you.

  • Thank you so much, I do what you said I will leave it to a lawyer. I will let you know how it goes. Thank again! PS I love the one about the aunt and the niece, just the way my relationship is with my aunt and me and the same my daughter is becoming use too. 🙂 Mayra

  • Mayra,

    there are two ways to come to your center.

    One of the ways lies in your being so

    steady and still -- just at a standstill -- that there

    is not a trace of trembling in you and you arrive at

    the center. The other way is just the contrary: you get

    into such terrific motion that the wheel runs at top

    speed and the axle, your center, becomes visible and knowable. And

    this second way is easier than the first.

  • Hanswolfgang What's the deal with Paul (Scorpio 11-12-67)???? Again I feel disconnected

    with our situation. I ve been trying to stay in contact with him and not responding. Can you please guide me with this one...I don't want to go on another roller coater ride. What's holding him back from moving on to the next step...Ex-wife, ? children? WHAT IS IT???????


  • Could somebody please do a relationship reading for me. I am at my wits end. I just want to know if the last man I was with is my soul mate and will he come back. Thanks

  • MCpeace,

    What's the deal with Paul???? There is an exchange of hearts, relating from heart to heart.

    (Scorpio 11-12-67): With his strong mental power, the is not easily swayed by others' views and opinions. His power can be applied to any of the mental fields with great success. His life path is one of the most successful. He can have almost anything he sets his mind to achieving and attain wealth and prominence but he must make sure his life is kept in balance as mental peace is essential. He has much psychic power and can be a great healer. All of his gifts can be applied to attain great success and he only needs to become aware of his true goals to have a life of success and accomplishment. However, being so fixed has its own drawbacks, mainly that it is difficult for him to deal with changes. For best results, he should let his work come before his personal life and keep them separate.

    Can you please guide me with this one: trust your joy of life.

    What's holding him back from moving on to the next step: his deceit.

    ..Ex-wife, ? No.

    children? yes.


    If you know that it is a question of choice you are

    bound to choose happiness always. People think that we

    are victims; that is wrong, we are not victims. It is

    not that situations go on dragging us into unhappiness

    and sometimes into happiness, that we are just at the

    mercy of blind forces -- no, not at all, a thousand

    times no. Every moment we are choosing. Maybe our choice

    is unconscious, we may not have consciously choosing, but

    choice is there.

  • trace21,

    Could somebody please do a relationship reading for me: You have to wait.

    I just want to know if the last man I was with is my soul mate: No.

    and will he come back: yes.

    There are moments when one should remain silent.

    A well-endowed woman was waiting to go in for a job

    interview. She was warned by the receptionist, "Listen,

    honey, I don't want to upset you right before your

    interview but the boss has a bad reputation with women.

    I have heard from other girls that when he gets you

    alone in his office, he practically rips the dress

    right off your back."

    "Thanks for the warning," replied the girl, "I will

    change into an old one."

  • Thanks for that reading hanswolfgang but I am a little confused to that reading. So you say he is going to come back so does that mean we are going to build a relationship together and are you suggesting I wait for him?????

  • Hanswolfgang: So is Paul being deceitful towards our relationship? Cheating or not saying what's in his heart.... I know he wants children, no children of his own- that I'm aware of- Possible of 19 yrs daughter, never got tested but very close to her-again I'm only going by what he tells me. That's one of my drawbacks about him is he can be deceiving, and very secretive..He hates to be questioned... One the reason I question if we would ever get married or have Committed Relationship. On the contrary,I believe we are so alike in some areas and I feel his strength when connected. Reason why I find it difficult to let go. The bond is strong... Thank you very much for your time.


  • trace21,

    does that mean we are going to build a relationship together ????? yes.

    It is only the miserable mind that thinks of the

    past. It has to think somehow to console itself. The

    miserable mind continuously projects itself into the

    future; it has to otherwise the present seems

    intolerable. So either in memory or in imagination, it

    goes on distracting itself from the present moment --

    which is the only moment there is, which is the only

    existence there is.

  • MCpeace,

    So is Paul being deceitful towards our relationship? No.

    The language of pictures cannot be precise. It is

    almost like a painting: many people can see and can

    decide its meaning in different ways.

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