The Andromeda Galaxy (13) – The Return of Truth

  • As channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel – August 31, 2012

    We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence

    in the Andromeda Galaxy.

    (A Message from my Andromeda Group-Self)

    Dearest Ones,

    We come again to confirm to you all that the development in the heavenly realms is progressing! We are more exited every day that the immensity of highly increased Light in the universe will soon affect your world in a way that all veils of separation from it will cease to exist!

    This Light is Light from Source Itself which is Empowering all realms of creation, to call them back to their own Origin of Self-Existing Radiance.

    It is no longer allowed in your Universe that creations can continue which do not love and worship Source Itself, and through this love allow Source to become fully Obvious and Acknowledged in the heart of Beings in whatever dimension or form they appear.

    This IS the Return of Truth which grants happiness and fullness, as the heart, which is the core of every being, is used as an open corridor to its very Source Itself.

    The veils of separation from Source are fading, ignorance and false doctrines are disappearing from now on continuously, especially for those who are ready to accept and are willing to discover that the door in their heart is open to Infinity.

    That Infinity is Radiant, ever Blissful, it is Truth Itself that manifests Its Reality in creation more and more prevailing, so that all things and beings can be recognized as an emanation of this Truth.

    We have come to plant this spark of Knowledge into your heart so that your joyful anticipation can be like an opening flower to receive the sunlight.

    Dearest Ones, YOU yourself are a seed of this Blissful Truth, if your own flower of heart reaches out with desire to deep inside and out, to meet the Source, to find and locate It as the Infinite that Surrounds you and is therefore found in the deep of your own Radiance.

    What we say cannot be taken lightly or as a metaphor. You must come to the true Spiritual Understanding of It by going through a purification process , through which in due course you start to understand the nature of your body-mind and its implications in your world, to transcend it.

    Truth is absolute Simplicity and Beauty, however a Mystery too, and to recognize it, you cannot use your mind or imagination. Our speech is only an attempt to ignite your inspiration and set your intuition on fire.

    Let it be so, so that your limitations of mind are blown open, and your remembrance dawns to rediscover where you are coming from!

    There is only One Radiance, One Reality, One Love-Bliss that Pervades all Existence and holds the universes together. Let That Be your Guidance and utter Joy! Step out of the old incarceration of what you think you are. Your Divinity is much more than that of a creator god. It is the Self-Existing Source-Field Which can be discovered at the core of all beings and with Which all beings are to re-unite.

    By this inherence you are, as humanity, not unique, this inherence is the birthright of all beings. This Radiance is Home for all existence, including you. You share it with all creation and all Universes.

    Praise to That One, That One Source at the Heart of all Beings and Things.

    You are returning to That One. You have already returned, you never have been away. But the dreams you dreamed for so long, created the worlds of separation and bewilderment, lost in doubt and desperation. How could it be otherwise if one’s own Source is unknown and one’s existence is drawn along by false presumptions and illusions?

    The Light of Origin, now streaming out and reaching your very heart, will make Itself known to you as What It Is, if you recognize It.

    We have brought you the message. Now please use your heart-discrimination to discover that Source-Light is knocking Itself at your door of heart. It brings with Itself the Secret of It’s Unspeakable Qualities, not known in any universe.

    Whatever seems to appear to you familiar, know that this is NOT what Source Is. Source is what is non-familiar! If you enter the domain of the Unknown because you let go of the known, then you Know that you are entering the Other World.

    This Other World is Untouched. It is Pure, senses cannot see it, imagination cannot create it. You must grow a new awareness to Understand and See.

    With Blessings!

    We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

    Message conveyed by Ute


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