Calling all psychics :-)

  • hi all, I am pregnant with my first child, im so impatient and really want to know the gender. could anyone have an idea??

    my birthdate 26/06/87 my partners 14/03/78. we conceived mid June and my due date is march 3rd 2013.

    Just for fun but lets see if anyone gets it 🙂

    my gender scan is october 8th so i shall let you all know.


    I love this website xx

  • Hello,

    My instincts tells me its a GIRL. I just want to ask you this you dont have to answer if you dont want to. Relationship wise are you the dominant one? I feel thats its you. Am I right?


  • hi magikal,

    I am yes although he likes to think he is! Can you do me a reading? I've had a few changes recently and some stress!

    Thank you x

  • Hello,

    Although I know about Chinese & American astrology I dont do readings for other people.

    I just use it for my own information. By it somehow it helps me deal with people.

    Sometimes if I have a question I just ask a psychic just to see if my instinct is right.

    Like a second opinion.

    I am not a psychic but I have pretty good instincts. There are several good readers in this site. Ask them to do a reading for you aside from the unborn baby gender.

    Maybe start another email to ask for gender of unborn baby and do a reading for you so you get

    the answers to your questions in one response.


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