Can anyone interpret for me please?

  • my 55th birthday reading

  • Hey Sam

    (I hope this reading provides some insight for you? I am experimenting with different approaches to readings so I hope it still works!)

    Starting with a 10 Swords, and a Knight Swords. You took some step that went wrong. The Knight of Swords is above the 10 swords, so the step has origins in higher purposes perhaps.

    There was a lady involved (The Queen of Swords).

    There was a material agreement (2 of Pentacles)

    Something changed that (5 of Pentacles)

    Then - who am I now? (10 of Wands, a crossroads)

    Material becomes foundations then (4 of Pentacles)

    And a lot of moving around (Chariot)

    And new ideas, starts (Ace of Swords)

    Then... the Lovers.

    There the path ends and begins to ascend.

    Knight of Cups. Chasing love. Wherever THAT goes!

    Then the 2 of Swords, so there is some sort of agreement (again) a remembering the first agreement - reflections.

    And the 9 swords does say some re-visiting of some pain, so there may be a few tears. Healing here.

    Then, at this higher level the pain of the 9 of Swords becomes the King of Pentacles

    Then the Princess of Swords is above the earlier Knight of Swords so the beginning step is taken again, on a higher level.

    The princess then becomes the Queen of Cups.

    And they lived happily ever after. (It's sort of a story :).

    The End.

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