• Hi Blmoon!

    It’s been a long while since I posted something here for ya. I tried your inbox but it was sent back. I remember your lasts post to me was maybe the universe has its reasons for things and thought it may not be time yet. Well a lot has happened since I last posted. Passing of my grandma, reconnecting with people from the past I haven’t seen in years (old high school friends), closure w/issues of past ex-bfs, meeting/connecting with positive new people. How have you been? I’ve been thinking about you and seeing your name (Blmoon) in all the odd places and times. At first I thought this beer company has some huge ad campaign (they’re everywhere) but I’ve never seen “blmoon” spelled in so many different ways and seeing it in the oddest and unexpected places. Could the universe and spirit be telling me some thing. “Nah, I said to myself.” Well, yesterday I took an unplanned driving adventure down the coast. At first it was exciting – it was unplanned and first time on this particular road. As the winding steep road continued, I got the chills and a shiver. So I pulled over, I thought it was excitement but when my “gut alarm” signals, it’s a different story. So I made a U-turn and returned back. I had to shrug off the chills because I started to get that shortness of breath alarm. After a mile driving back, I finally got to a stop light. I had to take a deep breath and say to myself “this too shall past so calm down.” When the red light turned green I proceeded to drive a quarter of a mile and changed to the right lane. On the lane to my left, a car started to speed up pass me coming out of no where. One thing caught my eye and gave me a smile, the personalized license plate of the speeding car spelled out “Bloomun.” Lol! I thought ..What?! So today I opened my yahoo email and an article was posted “blue moon Friday 8/31 last one until 2015.” Oh man I just had to post something here to send you hugs. Was spirit trying to tell me something? I truly missed ya Blmoon! <3<3<3

    Bear Hugs - Mari

  • I SOOO been thinking of you all week! So much that I scrolled through the site expecting you to pop up maybe under another name. I haven't been to the e-mail adress in a long time---you were not online much and I just stopped checking and forgot password but have it somewhere--I kept the e-mail adress seperate but it's probably full as I kept getting ads from JR CREWS! I had a feeling there was a family loss and worried about your father as I know he wasn't well last we talked. I do remember telling you you would be hooking up with others a lot socialy and knew in the back off my mind you were very busy in a lot of different directions. So good to hear from you! Did school pan out? How about the man prospect? How's mom and dad doing post haunted house adventure--how's your brother? Is the grumpy old Spirit still in mom's garage? Spirit keeps saying ask her about if she bought that red dress and shoes yet? I hear laughter? Another voice--female spirit says no she's going to have to dress cowboy with spurs and a big heavy rope to lasso her man! funny!!! HUGS!!! Miss your lovely energy too!

  • mariplatinum,sorry ,just butting in for a moment:)


    Thank you very much for warning all of us on a thread a few weeks ago.

    Much appreciated

    Love and Light



  • Owhooooo!!!! Owowowhooooooo!

    Lol! You remember! Oh my gosh, I SOOO missed ya girl. I know, I’ve been getting a lot of junk mail too. I’ll give ya a new add, just need to get creative on how to give it to you.

    My grandma waited it out. The doctors said she only had days to live back in October (she was 94, bedridden w/alzheimers and uses a feeding tube) so having her lived until May of this year was a blessing to us. A number of family members who haven’t seen grandma for so long got to visit and see her before her passing. Like in any family, there will always be a bit of a drama. So at the wake and funeral everyone had to show a united front even though there were a lot of back talk, ya know. Grandma visited me a few times in my dream before and after she passed. She looked just like when she lived with us in the 90’s. Grandma looked younger, she had her curly short black hair, wearing her lipstick and her lounge dress walking and talking. On the day of the funeral we all met at the house where grandma lived with my aunt. I was tired and drained with all the events of the day. I went to the second floor around the loft area and laid down on the futon. I was half asleep and half awake opened my eyes a bit and saw my grandma walking around the second floor going room to room. I closed my eyes again. I must be dreaming. I got up and looked around the second floor. My aunt’s partner lying down on the bed in the master bedroom watching television with the door half opened. I asked her if she saw something and asked me “saw what?” I ran to my aunt downstairs in the kitchen and told her what I saw. My uncles told me it must be another dream and laughed it off. Do you think I was dreaming it?

    Gosh so much has happened, so much life lessons learned within the past few months. I don’t know where to begin to tell you. School is still on the menu, I’m just trying to prepare the ingredients and how to cook it. Lol I don’t know why I’m referring school to food right now. Lol! I got a really good grade in that anatomy/physiology class so I’m still considering a career somewhere in the health field. I’m just torn if I should go into the RN road or DO or just get my MPH first. I'm also thinking of the other fields I was interested in doing before. What ya think? Darn $$ issues, why can’t higher education be free. I think everyone will go – no reason not to if its free. Lol!

    Earlier this year my dad got us into this event production experience. A chunk of life lesson learned was through this experience. You know the expression “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Man, oh man Blmoon my mom warned my sister and I that dad does not have the radar nor filter to pick and choose real friends. Haha! Sorry to laugh it off but mom was right. Dayme, I say. This guy who called my dad his friend was not really who he says he is. Dad is very easy going and needless to say he easily makes friends. But the problem with him is he can’t filter which one is the “real” friend from the frenemy (dubs you as friend but they’re really the enemy). The first time I met the guy, fifteen minutes of sitting and talking with him I said this guy was too good to be true. He knew what words to say and do the things to be cordial but it was all an act. My gut feeling was right on the money! He used my dad, my mom, my sister and I! I was so grrrr.. not again! As it got closer to the event and he had taken all the revenue of the event he got verbally abusive towards my sister and I. There was a lot of BS thrown our way by this man his daughter and his sidekicks.. oh man …the name callings, the blaming and the constant use of us as scapegoats. These people treated us so badly I don’t even know where to begin. We were the newbie of the group so anything that went wrong with the event it was pointed at us. My sister’s part made the event successful and saved them so much money. She did the advertising, online web design and letter writing for sponsors. At the end we did not received what was promised and basically worked for them for free. We were on call at their convenience from January to June. Man it was an emotional and energy draining experience. On a brighter side of this dark experience, we learned a lot about how an event production is done, so it wasn’t all negative. Also life lessons learned – filter people more to keep the “frenemies” out of the “real” circle; people will always try to put you down - why – because they know how much better you are from them! Don’t surround yourself with negative people – specially the ones that use, abuse and drain you. Plus the universe always has its way of working itself out for the good. Always put out good karma because what you put out to the universe comes full circle.

    I got connected again with my mom’s god-brother and his family. Blmoon, I found out that this family had offered my mom (for years) to help on opening a facility like the one we opened but mom went on with deaf ears and ventured into the haunted house instead. They came to visit us at the haunted house once and even the wife didn’t feel comfortable there as well. After the visit they had advised my mom several times to let go of the haunted house instead of loosing more $$ but she didn’t listen. It’s got to be that old grump in the haunted house that kept her from listening because this couple has been in the business for years. I so love the wife. After meeting so many “E-Vamps” (my short name for energy vampires) they are the first people I’ve met (in a long time) that after talking/meeting/seeing them- I walk away positive, motivated and energized. The wife is loud, speaks her mind, but so nice and caring. I feel like she’s always has open arms ready to hug me when visiting her. She’s easy to be around with. I feel close to her that its easy to talk to her about the frustrations and issues the haunted house brought to our family. She and her husband told us that they too struggled before and how they had to start from scratch. They went through struggles similar to ours but not as intense as the experience our family had gone through. Since our re-connection, I frequently visited them. My gosh, even their home was peaceful. It didn’t feel heavy (I don’t know how to explain it), bright, very welcoming. They have a special child that is fond of me and every time I see him he’d drop everything and entertain me. They’re very surprised because he doesn’t take on to new people as easily as he did with me. He’s a fun kid, my new dancing partner when I’m at their house. I’m so glad I got connected with them. They told my mom, sister and I that as a couple they have decided to help us get our $h*@! together. Hahaha! They said they know how hard it is to start over from scratch especially when no one offers to help. They told us to consider them as family, not strangers and whatever help they can possibly give they’ll give. That evening it felt like a big chip has been lifted off my shoulders a big flush of negative crap –OUT! It felt like a surge of positive something just touched us.

    As for the family front…Well…Dad is still a stubborn ox, but moves when nudged by my sister and mom. Mom can still be a handful but finally getting through with her too. Brother is still battling. He has his lucid moments but he also has those other moments. He is still in denial and acts like there is nothing wrong. I’ve done some changes with him though, getting him out and about. Outdoors- to the beach, the park walking and hiking a bit. Even the driving adventure I told you about. I’m going to seg-away from the topic. That unfamiliar road I went on the other day was called “devil’s slide.” It gave me goose bumps when I found out the name of that particle road I was on. The grumpy spirit in the garage is still trying to make noise. We notice when someone does their laundry in the evening and they come back into the house they’re irritated and start some sort of argument. If not, the smoke alarm goes off and my doggies start barking. Coincidence?

    I have also been busy with all these wedding invites and preparations. No, not mine. Hehehe… If ever, you would be one of the first to know and heck consider yourself invited – whenever “Mr. Worthy” comes along. Lol! As I have told you also I got connected with an old high school friend. We lost touch when I moved around a bit. She said she was so glad we reconnected because she wanted me to be in her wedding! Hahaha.. always the bridesmaid never the bride. I could write a book on how to be a bridesmaid. I’m helping her coordinate the wedding. Exciting! At the moment I’m in search of two dresses. I am going to another wedding. It’s a big grand wedding that will be done on two weekends. First part will be done in the city, traditional church and reception wedding and the second part at a winery about 2 hours from the city. The bride couldn’t make up what type of theme wedding she wanted, so she had a two part wedding. There is going to be a lot of people. So this girl got to have her glam on. I wonder if it has anything to do with the red dress and shoes spirit asks about. Hahaha I’m a bit intrigued about the cowboy outfit with spurs and heavy lasso that spirit mentioned. I was cleaning out my closet and thinking of donating a few things but for some reason I just had to keep my jean skirt and top. I thought of wearing it with boots. Say isn’t that a cute country girl outfit! Heeehaw I’m gonna lasso me a cowboy! Lol!! I don’t even know how to ride a horse…Hahaha! Hey I think that’s a great excuse to meet one – look for horse riding lessons from a cowboy…..Hahaha! Now where do I find a cowboy in the city?... Oh the pressure…LOL!

    <3<3<3 HUGS


  • I just know the cowboy reference IS going to pop up in the future. Your parents will always need you! You are so easly needed. Healers always are. And who's running the circus? I know I am mostly at my house.. Your father can not let go of his caraving for a big success and that makes him shark meat for sure. He needs to have no access to finances but that's easier said then done! He will always be easily seduced--need is blind. And a two part weding!? Isn't one part stressful enought? Is she that undesicive or just pretensouese--which in that case you should go boots and spurs and a big old hat--maybe a rose to dress it up--haha! I'll see if I can get in that e-mail tomorrow and empty it and send you a hello. BLESSINGS?

  • I finaly got into that old e-mail and everything was gone in it---- so weird. It was now messenger live so maybe it got restarted when they changed over? No contacts and no old e-mails so yours was not there altho I may have written it down--just seems odd not to even have junk in there. Maybe if it sits too long they empty it? It seems odd to have opened mail disapear. Maybe it's the old guy from your garage hahaha! Just kidding!

  • Lol!! I'm looking at that as grumpy clearing out them junk mail fer ya. old Grumpy enough with you...go go away! I'm gonna try right now and send something. But as for your previous post, girl you're right on the money. More details inbox.

    HUGS Mari

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