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  • hi moon50

    hope you are well. i have recently applied for a job opportunity that appeared out of nowhere . now that i have applied for it i have started having strange feelings about it. they are both happy and sad feelings. i feel i might get this job but at the same time i know that i will incure great pain if i get into it. this is weird and has never happened to me before. could you please read whether i should i go ahead if they call me for interview? i have a very strange vibe for next few months for the rest of this year. as if something major is going to happen that will shake me up. if you could help bring some insight into what my life will be like going forward that would be greatly helpful.

    thank you so much in advance


  • Your feelings are right about this job. I also feel you will get it. You will experience great challenge and joy in this new role. And yes, you're also right that you will experience pain while in it as well. However, that pain will be emotional and will be a test of you opening yourself properly, which is what you need. I feel you have been holding yourself in, if that makes sense, for quite a long time. Like you want to bust out, but have stopped yourself. Ask yourself why. Explore the answer you get.

    None of us wants to be hurt or feel pain, but those are the range of emotions we human beings are made up of: love, joy, pain, sorrow. While a person can avoid certain feelings for a time, it cannot be avoided forever.

    This job will be the major thing that shakes you up, as you will be leaving your comfort zone. That could be the sadness you feel; the sense that you're moving into the unknown, while with your own finely tuned intuition, you are seeing that you will be highly challenged in many ways.

    It will be all good, truly 🙂

    The vibe you are getting about the remainder of this year is a global thing, and if you've seen many posts on here, you will see that a large number of folk are feeling the same as you. We are up for a major shift in consciousness, and it is going to lead many of us away from where we've been to where we're meant to be, even if it is as simple as a change in attitude and perspective 🙂

    Of course, at the end of the day, each individual has the right of free will. If you decide that you don't want to progress with this job application, then don't; that's your right.

    However, I feel that the gamut of emotions you will undergo in accepting this opportunity will help you grow and prepare you for the new road you will tread upon.

    I hope this helps!



  • oh thank you so much for this insight. i have been worried over this for quite some time and you kind of validated all my doubts . you have explained it the way i feel about this work situation already. i'll be starting to work after long time and that itself will be a great challenge. although i am ready to take it head on and put in extra efforts and time so that i can create something valuable for myself , i am afraid at the same time of getting into something trechereous . yes, i have been told that i might be decieved by someone at workplace and it might get me into legal problems . i am not sure how take this information and what to do about it. i have got this same kind of energy from the cards when i do tarot readings for my future going forward. i am worried.

    about anger and supressed feelings you are quite right . these have been suppressed for years and i feel this itself might get me into trouble because all of these emotions never got addressed and i have shut myself to anything that makes me weak. call it circumstances but i had no other option but to shut myself off of outside influence. and i am worried if this will create any problem in the workplace ? is there a legal issue i would be dealing with in next few months as i am sensing ? this situation seems to be totally karmic to me, the synchronicity of events , the opportunities and the way i see myself changing my attitude towards people in general all point to one thing that i am headed for a big change. i don't know how am i going to perform in this job, whether i will be able to give my best but i am all willing to work on it, motivated to change myself to suit the environment i am going to work into but these worries don't leave me. i cannot just ignore them . they haunt me day and night . i keep asking myself as what am i getting into ?

    will there be a legal issue? what kind of issue? what is the advice for me if you could provide some ? i am terribly scared honestly about this whole betrayal thing and legal issue .....!! i am really worried !!!!!!

  • You are forewarned about this potential "betrayal", hence foreARMED. I cannot stress to you enough that you have a finely tuned intuition of your own, and when you come into the situation that COULD lead to this betrayal and possible legal issues, your gut will tell you to back out. Trust it, and you will be fine. Negative things are only passed on to the recipient when there is a way for that recipient to avoid or change the outcome. Try not to worry! Because, as a lot of us know, when you worry about something, you bring it to you.

    If this is of any help to you, I'd been a "homemaker" for the first five years when myself and my ex moved up here (a small country town with limited work opportunities). I cleaned houses to pull in some income. When my marriage broke down, lo and behold, a work opportunity literally landed in my lap and I've been working there ever since. It's well paid, I like the work and love the people I work with, even considering the huge strain we are all under due to cut-backs, having to justify our existence at every turn, etc. I work in an Aged Care facility which used to be a fully-fledged hospital, hence the need for justification.

    I was a bit apprehensive going back to work, but knew I needed it to keep a roof over my head and pay the bills. I had also said I would never work in a Nursing Home situation after doing home-based care work, but here I am and mostly enjoying it, except for the stressors mentioned above.

    So, you can and will take on this opportunity, and you will do extremely well. That still, small voice will let you know when your "betrayal" is about to happen and you will extricate yourself quick smart through being forewarned more than once.

    Have faith in yourself too; this is important. Remember that you're taking on something unknown, and a bit of fear is normal. Give it your best, but don't take on so much that you can't cope with the load. Know yourself. Pace yourself.

    You will be great!

    Good luck 🙂


  • Ah, forgot about the anger issue:

    Acknowledge it. Let it course through you. Then affirm that it needs to go back to where it came, ie, the person/people/situation that caused it in the first place. In other words, you need to acknowledge that this anger is no longer yours, but belongs where it came from in the first place. I don't mean to get a voodoo doll and stick pins in it, or wish ill on anyone, but merely redirect its location from inside you. Pour it into a rock if you like. Anything you can do to be rid of it. And yes, it could cause your judgement to become clouded in the work situation, whereby you may feel attacked at a time when you are only receiving constructive criticism.

    so, work on letting this anger and disappointment go for once and for all. Start this new phase of your life as unencumbered as you can.

    Feel the fear but do it anyway (that's the second time I've given this piece of advice today).

    Trust yourself.


  • such an uplifting message . you don't know how relieved i am at the moment after reading your message. i feel i have been thinking of it a bit too much. there is an inner urge to go ahead and grab this position as it will have a direct effect on my personality and life in general . it is a great change that i have been wishing for to happen to me for long. before getting even called for an interview i feel i am moving towards this job ,inside the building , making my way through the corridors and see people talking behind my back but not afraid of anything ,but a little overwhelmed and taken aback by the stress it brings with it. trust me you have helped me tremendously by sharing your story and letting me know that it's okay to get into this with fear and let loose for a while. thank you so very much for bringing hope and positivity . i am soooo glad i requested you for this reading . many thanks once again dear moon.

    blessings and good wishes from me , hiighpriestess !!!!

  • thank you priestess! your response has been uplifting for me to read 🙂 I truly hope ... no, KNOW you'll be okay. We all fear being talked about behind our backs, but really, you'll waltz in there and won't notice anything of the sort.

    Hold you head up, feel proud, and tackle it all head on.

    Blessings and all the best for your bright, bright future 🙂



  • hey thank you so much moon for the good wishes ..i'll keep your advice with me going forward and keep my head high and be strong 🙂 i like you the way you are .... very positive . thanks so much for your kindness !!

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