Moon50, can I have your insight please?

  • Hi Moon50,

    I saw several of your posts, and am very impressed with your wisdom. Can I have a reading from you please? I think i should call my bf my ex-bf now.. Last time we talked, we were both very angry and pissed. Although we didnt really have a closure, I consider we broke up back then.. A couple days ago, i noticed he was on a dating site.. It's not as serious as Match or eharmony. It's more of a casual meetup thing. I was heart broken. i thought we were just taking days off to calm down.. didnt expect to see all this.. What's his intention to go to that site? Does that mean he's totally over me and decided to move on? Is it the end of our relationship? hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance. Hugs!

  • I don't feel he is "over" you, but rather trying to fill that empty hole by talking to other women. I also don't feel he's wanting to embark on anything with another lady at the moment, but it's more like he's still angry and is lashing out at you indirectly.

    Remember that everyone deals with conflict in their own individual way. Some go back inside themselves and hide out, others start socialising more than they did, while others keep hounding the one who hurt them in an effort to wear them down.

    Your man has decided to hide out a bit, but is using the glory of the internet, which keeps us connected in so many ways. This way, he can keep that awful lonely feeling at bay. I feel he's also asking other women for advice; like, where did he go wrong? why did she say/do that?

    One of you, or both, is quite needy and jealous in this relationship. Have an honest think about which one of you this is or if it is both of you, and why this issue has come up. It is important in a current relationship to not let the scars of the past influence it. It is no easy thing, but necessary if you want to make a success of a current rel and get over those issues of the past.

    I'm picking up that you are both relatively young - in your 20's, 30's? This decade is usually the most testing and trying for anyone in a relationship. It is the decade where financial issues come to the fore, responsibilities weigh heavily (with either children or family/work demands) and also a decade where the individuals are truly forming their own personal psyches. Hence why relationships can often go through quite a lot of upheaval in this age period.

    One major thing I will say to you is: Don't let pride rule here, or the relationship will founder permamently. Pride has no place. Pride is often fed by ego and love gets left behind.

    If you want this rel to work, focus on the positive aspects of yourself, your boyfriend and your relationship as a whole. Cease nit-picking and unnecessary criticism. Remember also that when you criticise another person, you actually are seeing in them something you dislike in yourself. This applies to both of you by the way, not just you!

    I hope this helps 🙂



  • Moon50,

    What a beautiful insightful reading from you. I am totally blown away and am very grateful for your help and relationship tips. Have you ever considered being a life coach or relationship expert? 😉 You are definitely more than a psychic!

    I am in the late 20s, and he's in early 40s... And i think we are both kinda jealous and needy in the relationship....... just in different areas if that makes sense? I didnt mean to abuse your generosity or take too much of your time, but can I ask you a couple more questions for clarification please? So based on what you said, I assume he still wants to be with me, and at some point, we will reunite. Is that right? Another thing I am kinda bumped was last night my friend talked to me about a business plan he's interested in working with my bf (Let me still call him my bf ;)).. And I am quite intrigued too.. becuz of the potential commissions. ugh, it seems like I will have to wait to present to my bf.. Do you see when we will speak again? If you cant "see" it, thats fine. I understand. Again, thanks for your help, Moon. xx

  • And didnt mean to sound too stupid - will he actually meet some girl online that he will possibly have a good time with? ;( okay! i feel bad if I ask more questions... Let it be.

  • Hi April!

    You should never feel stupid for being worried about your situation 🙂

    "Stupid is as stupid does"; Forest Gump. He was not a stupid man; in fact he is my idol 🙂 I wish I were the one who ran around the world and created the "shit happens" logo!! Nothing stupid about Forest ...

    Your man is a little bit immature if you don't mind me saying so. He relies on you to solve his problems to a degree. His past difficulties with relationships have been brought about by his own unrealistic ideals about love, though he can't see that.

    No, he won't take up with another girl. He may simply talk to one or two, but I don't feel he'll go further. He's looking for advice; that's what my feeling is about this.

    Yes, let it be; that is the best way to go. He will approach you, although I think it may take a little text from you in the next few days.

    How's this for a thought: why on earth don't you join up one of these dating sites, create your own id that he won't know and talk to him! Ah ... not a great idea probly; he may take that as you "lying" to him.

    He's very sensitive to the point of being touchy.

    Tread carefully; honour his feelings and your own; let it go the way it's meant to and all will be well. Push things and you'll run into strife.

    The question I have is: are you brave enough to take on the challenge that is this man? I think you are, but so long as it doesn't involve you sacrificing too much of your self or your integrity to be with him. Remember to always be authentic ... not be someone else in order to be with someone else.



  • Hi again Moon!

    Thanks for the quick response! I of course dont mind you calling him immature. I actually have much worse words for him.. I also feel he's carrying a lot of baggage from his past relationships. I only knew a little bit.. Most of times he wouldnt share much with me.. But who wants to talk too much about the past love life to the partner? So although I was quite curious, I didnt wanna ask if he was inclined to speak up. "unrealistic ideals about love"... hmmm interesting concept. Will think about it 😉 And your right - he's very sensitive although he will never admit! As for the dating site, it's not something I wanna do... becuz I dont wanna find out things that I regret knowing about. Learned from my previous relationship. Sometimes, its better to give your partner privacy..

    Dear Moon50, Thanks so much for the readings and advice! You totally made my day. To be honest, I was so mad and upset that I didnt sleep well for the past 2 days. Ugh. Its been pleasure talking to you. Thank you! If you dont mind, I would like to keep you posted 😉 I think I may need your insight on the project I will be working on.. Anyway, lots of blessings to you. Have a good day. xxx

  • No worries, and thank you for the blessings! Have a good day yourself. And yes, keep me posted 🙂



  • Hi Moon!

    It has been a while since we talked. I hope your well. I understand what you have been going through. I can totally relate to you. I, myself, am feeling the same way these days. I am not sure if it's appropriate since you may be not in a mood doing readings.. in any case if you do, I would like to have an update reading from u. So I told you last time that my bf went on the dating site. OKAY, I have been stalking him online everyday, and I noticed he hasn't logged on for more than 1 week. OH, and we still havent talked. as you said, he wouldnt pick up any girls from there.. Is he just busy working? I am wondering what hes thinking these days? Does he still want me? Not sure if it's the end of our story. sigh. What you think, Moon? I am feeling very uneasy.. hope to hear from you soon. No pressure though. And I wish you a great weekend ahead. Chin up and smile. Blessings!

  • Hi Aprilca

    Can I ask that you put a general question up in another thread, rather than me directly, as I am not handling direct requests for readings from me personally at the moment? Sorry, but at least this way, it gives an opportunity for your question to be answered if I can't get to it. I did post up a thread the other day called APOLOGIES where I've asked that requests not be directed personally to me for the time being, but that I very well may be the one who answers it anyway 🙂

    Hope that's okay! And no, I'm not okay at the moment, but will be; sooner rather than later I hope 🙂



  • Hey moon! Thanks for the update. I didn't see that post. Im sorry! Thanks anyways! Hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • Thanks April. I sure hope I feel better soon, but it's only been a week, so very early days yet. That thread has probably dropped way down in the list by now, so don't be sorry! I don't want to put anyone offside, but nor do I want them hanging waiting for me to answer 🙂 For some reason, seeing my name with a reading request is almost confrontational, and I can't get anything which is why I put that thread up.


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