Reading PLS...Married?

  • Hello- I recently had a fallout and lost contact with my ex. Per his FB page he is married. IS this true? Can somone please tell me what his story is so I can know how to proceed. Would hate to make a fool of myself. His DOB 6/10/77. thank you!

  • I feel he was "quietly" separated while he was with you, and now his ex-wife has reappeared and they are giving it another go. This man can't be without a woman in his life, and I also feel that you were a bit of a rebound relationship for him, and to a degree, a "filler" while he waited out the period of separation. His heart is with her, so I also think it important for you to keep the distance between you, and move on.

    Ask yourself this question: do you really want to be with someone who is as insecure and deceitful as he has been? You deserve better! Believe it, and move towards that something better, because it is waiting for you.

    November will see you happy I think.

    Hope this helps!



  • Thank you so much Moon you hit the nail on the head, I definitley needed to hear this. And yes, he has been very decietful and very much insecure. I needed clarity and you have provided that.

    I do deserve better and I hope what you see in November for me is a happy place.

    Moon, what do you make of my current situation with 6/16/76?

    God bless you and thank you again for sharing your gift with me 🙂

  • Moon50- As I was thinking and re-reading your message I realize that November is the 11th month and I tend to see VERY frequently the number 1111. So much in fact, that my friends even know that this is "my" number.

    Is there any significance here? Does 1111 mean anything for me?

    Thank you again!

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