Calling all tarot readers

  • What are your thoughts on giving absent readings? , i do this all the time and find nothing wrong with it , but some do feel that it is an invasion of privacy . I would be interested in reading others point of view on this .

    Love and Light Loap 🙂

  • When i typed reading i mean as in reading a post sorry if there is any confusion .

  • If you are posting for someone with a question and I assume with the best of intentions there is nothing wrong with it I would say.

    If you read at home to find out about the neighbour then we are probably touching on ethics. Another point that we need to take into consideration when reading for others is will the reading take on only our perspective of the situation. It is harder to read when people are not there but not impossible. Very interesting question indeed!

  • I prefer not but will sometimes.

  • Thanks guys for your insight ok what about doing readings like e on this forum ? Where the person is not actually sitting in front of you do you feel this is considered an absent reading?

  • To me if a person asks for a reading (like on these threads) they are inviting you to do a reading for them. Personally in some posts they ask to read there significant other for them to see if they are seeing someone else or they want to help them... I don't offer a reading because its not that person asking. Simular situation my wife asked me to read my sister in-law because she is going thru a tough time. She is in a different state and they were worried about her; I said no, not until she said it was ok.... Distance doesnt matter its more of consent.... other wise its not right... to me anyway. It would be like spying on her feelings. There are all different shades of grey for each of us... do what you feel is right and whats in your heart...

  • Thanks Tarot -nick for your insight, i find that when i am doing readings for someone and the actual person is sitting in front of me its virtually 99% accurate, but when i am doing them online like this forum for example they are not ,the energy is scattered . I have done absent readings for people i personally know without their permission and these readings have been acurate as well .and the reason i have done this is because i needed the practice .I have never gossiped about what i seen in the cards i kept it to myself ., Now Health REadings what is everybdys intake on them ? Is it ok to tell thequerant what you see ? I personlly cannot do this and i have seen an actual death in the cards .

  • I think it's just a matter of confidence and trust, just like when you are reading for someone who is by you. I know the first few I did, I was like how could I do that... because the person in front of you, you can see and touch... but you just learn to trust and believe in your gift. I like being able to help people... like giving them a silent hug to get them thru, by doing the readings we can give them the extra they need and then they can pass the happiness along...

    On the other note of absent readings, nothing will stop you from doing the reading; It's a matter to each reader what they are comfortable with;

    just my bantering thoughts

  • I have often done absent readings and didnt even think of it being an invasion of privacy. They are accurate most of the time. I will rething the doing them now. thanks for asking that question

  • What about health readingshow does everyone feel about doing those ?

  • Do you mean reading for people without them knowing? If so, I would say no. In a situation for example, you have a compainion, you could propose this question; "How can I be a better partner or better understand so and so? Include you in it and why, I would not intend to read about health.

  • reporter CJ

    I went to a tarot reader years ago and she predicted i would soon be in hospital with a female medical problem and she told me not to worry ,as it can be fixed and she was spot on, about 3 weeks later i was rushed to hospital as a cyst burst on my ovaries . Do you think this is good ethics ? Shoud she have not said anything to me ? It didnt worry me that she did i never thought of it agian until after my sugery then i put two and two together . I just want to know what others think as some readers have really strict standards no health readings , no predictions certain morals , ethics and rules have to be abided by .Thankyou for your insight .

    Love and light Loap:)

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