Would anyone be able to do a reading for me?

  • Hello,

    I would love if someone could do a reading for me regarding an opportunity that has arisen for me -

    i am in two minds of what i want to do!

    1.I have an opportunity to stay in the city i am now in and am wondering if i stay here what would the possible outcome be?

    2.My other question would be if i moved back to my home country what would the possible outcome be there?

    My name is elaine and DOB is Jan 18 1983.

    I am torn with this decision and would be grateful for any guidance!

    Thank you.

  • list pros and cons for each. Are you aware of what you want and is anything holding you back from each option? Are you afraid to leave something behind from the past or holding on to it?

  • eilyk18

    I feel that the opt in the city is a fairly good one as I feel light with it. You have to know that it is your free will choose no matter what reading advice comes in here. Ask yourself how happy or unhappy you were in your country before coming here. This should guide you in the right direction.


  • Thanks guys, i have done all the pros and cons and am still at a loss of where the heck i should live! i'm sure to figure it out sooner or later. Thank you again. 🙂

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