Need a reading please!

  • Hi, I would like a reading for myself 10-14-1983 and this guy I'm dating 8-10-78. Are we a good match? Thank you.

  • This is not usually recommended for a love match. You are both dominant personalitites in your own way, and the fluctuating energies here will be hard to handle. Feeling threatened, you may both dig in your heels. Power struggles and conflict may be inevitable but, if you two can overcome your insecurities, the more aspiring elements of your personalitites can meld, so that any visionary projects you may come together on can be realized. A working relationship here can be highly successful since you are both creative people, but the dreamlike quality of this combination can be unsettling.

    A big problem here for your friend is your rather flamboyant and dramatic nature, which he may find rightly or wrongly a bit artificial (ironic since Leos are the drama kings and queens of the zodiac and love to be centre stage). Meanwhile you might view his approach as too direct, aggressive or unsubtle. But the first question that will have to be settled is "Who's the boss or the star of the show?" The only solution may be compromise, with you both agreeing to 'share the helm' at different times. This will almost certainly be difficult, however.

    A love affair here is likely to be stormy and possibly short-lived, but marriage (if you make it that far) has a better chance of working if duties and responsibilities are well defined. This relaitonship should set up clear boundaries, deciding definitely which areas are the province of each partner. It is when you two are constantly looking over each other's shoulder that troubles start, for each of you is extremely sensitive to the other's criticisms and disapprovals. Diplomacy, agreement, and compromise will be vital here yet they will be difficult (but not impossible) to achieve.

  • Thanks! I've dealt with controlling Leos in the past and I like to be in control too so trying to work through that now. What I admire about him is his honesty and communication with me. I always know where he stands and that makes things a lot easier.

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