• Could i also ask you for a reading regarding my love life and career. i would apreciate it. Especially career is my concern right now. I'm thinking of choosing another path.

  • Hi moonalisa

    I feel you are torn between the two at the moment; like, you are asking yourself what is more important? Love or careerr? I feel you have been very driven in the past, and want to take a more gentle road in your life now. And you will. I also feel you have been working in an area that no longer serves you ... do you work in the legal arena? I am getting police, courts and judges coming up here. And lots of paper work and justification for what you do. And that this is getting to you.

    You are stifling a true gift you have, which is the gift of communicating knowledge to others. I feel you need to look at some sort of consulting position where you are helping others with either their finances or lives in general.

    Now I'm getting physical fitness ... is this something you are doing outside of work? I can see you - believe it or not - instructing aerobic classes which will lead you into more holistic health care. Yoga also comes up here; hence the more "gentle" style of life and one that fits you much better than what you've been doing.

    I also feel you have either saved up, or been the recipient of, quite a bit of money. Now is the time to put that money to good use and buy your way into your own business. Don't be afraid, you will succeed.

    Whereby I've advisedf others to stick where they are for the time being, I am not feeling that is right for you. Your time is now, and you need to take advantage of it.

    As for your love life, you need to be open to one! I feel you have closed yourself off as demands on your time from elsewhere have kept you, in a sense, off limits to love. This will also change and very quickly.

    I feel by Christmas you will be celebrating your own bravery and courage, and looking towards a much brighter future. April will see you forming friendships that will be instrumental in moving you forward, and there will be a love interest somewhere in there.

    For want of being a bit personal, I also feel you've kept yourself completely away from contact with men both physically and emotionally. This has been out of fear to a degree, but also has served you well as you have prepared yourself for what will eventually come your way. You are at home with yourself and know who you are and what your place in this world is.

    The main message that comes through here is THE TIME IS NOW. You have worked hard, both internally and outwardly, and now you can reap the benefits of that hard work.

    Go for it!

    Hope this helps!



  • Dear Moon50, at first i'd like you to know that i am really happy to have received a reading from you. To be honest i thought you would not like to read for me as, yes, i am one of those who have asked for several readings here. I have never wanted to abuse of the gift and good heart the readers offer here and have always been grateful for every piece of information i have received. Every single reading has contributed to my better understanding of myself and the situation i have found myself in. Thank you very much for yours as well Moon50.

    My current job, hm, i must admit there are certain benefits connected with the job which have been difficult for me to resign from and which have kept me there for quite a long time in spite of the fact that i do not find the job fulfilling. i would probably have been much happier if i had tried to look for something else much, much earlier. Right now, i think i cannot wait any longer (your reading confirmed this) especially as i feel my present working environment is not very friendly towards me. in fact i have already taken some steps and have been on the look-out for some time. There's been an opportunity for me to get a job in an insurance company but my intuition tells me it would not be a good choice for me so i will keep on trying to find something more suitable. All i need is courage and determination. 🙂

    As for my love life, that's true that my job has been taking most of my time so far but there have also been other factors influencing my situation in this department. Now there is a man in my life i care deeply for but it's a distant relationship. i hope, however, that it will evolve in the direction i wish for. 🙂

    Moon50 i'm going to come back to your reading as i come back to others which i have received as with time they speak even more to you. 🙂 Thank you once again for your willingness to read for me and all the best to you. 🙂


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