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  • I am going through a lot right now I am soon starting my MBA but haven't found a job since I graduated in May. I just feel that I will never find a job I have applied all the hospitals in my area because my bachelors is in community health education. I have applied to clinics and nursing homes. I have even applied to department stores. I feel like I am at a crossroads. I went to two interviews at a hospital but they hired two people with experience. What should I do? Will I find a job soon any help would be appreciated.

  • Try volunteering, especially in the health care area. It will impress interviewers and give you experience that will count when you apply for jobs - plus you can help a lot of people in need.

  • Hi yes I went to a volunteer orientation in a hospital I just have to fill some paper work. The thing is I really need a job to pay for some of my bills. I just feel that I have worked so hard and I can't find a job. I just don't know what to do any more.

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  • Are you eligible for any government assistance? Have you applied at any job centres for help? Have you asked around your local areas and checked noticeboards or windows in grocery or other stores? Have you asked family and friends to keep an eye out for jobs for you? If you know anything about waiting or bartending, you could probably get a job right away. Have you gone from shop-to-shop or business-to-business and left your CV or asked if they have any vacancies, even if they haven't advertised for someone - there is a hidden job market out there full of unadvertised positions. The majority of jobs are NEVER posted anywhere. They are found through networking. Have you joined job networking site Linkedin? Opportunities occur when you least expect them to. Be open. Look at jobs that might not even match your skill set exactly. Don’t be afraid to look at jobs in other fields or even part-time jobs in the meantime, since they may lead to full-time work or other non-linear opportunities. A simple temp job could lead to full-time work. It's a foot in the door. Keep applying for jobs – even to ones that don’t quite measure up to your standards or goals.

    Is your cover letter and resume/CV professional or interesting enough? Do you present and sell yourself well at interviews? For instance, do you research the company beforehand so you have a good idea of what they are and do in case you get asked? And don't let self-doubt rob you of your confidence - sell yourself at the one hundred and fiftieth interview as strongly as you did at the first one. Your strongest assets – both in job search and as an employee – are the attitude you carry with you, the energy you project, your willingness to be open to new possibilities, and your belief in yourself. Keep telling yourself "I WILL get a job!" And you will...

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