Hi Moon50- a reading request please

  • Hi Moon50,

    Sorry about posting on standing tall's thread. Can I just have a reading regarding love and career? I'm currently involved with someone right now, but my heart longs for someone else. Are there any future reconnection with the person that I like? Should I just stay with this person I'm with? With regards to my career, will there be any progress to where I'm at right now? promotions? should I stay or look elsewhere? Anything you can pick up on.

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi arieslass

    No need to apologise! It's just that I've seen this sort of thing happen many times, and the original poster of the thread gets left behind a wee bit and/or messages get skewed as to who they're for.

    Now on to you:

    If your heart longs for someone else, then you need to leave the current relationship you're in; it's that simple. Whilever you stick with someone you don't love, then you prevent bringing someone to you who you DO love. YOu don't want to get caught up in a lover's triangle either, or sneak around to be with this, or any other, man as that will come back to you later in life.

    I don't see any reconnectiion with this other man in the close future, but once you are free of the current relationship you're in, there could be a meeting with the two of you, or someone else will come into your life who you feel very connected with. I get that you have a good friendship with your current man, but that he came along as a bit of a rebound after you ended with someone else previously (the one you currently love?) I also sense that who you're with now has been a "second" choice; like the one who was your first choice, was unavailable or unreceptive and you went for who was waiting there. Remember that you don't need a man to validate you; that it's okay to be on your own for a time so you can emotionally rest and regroup.

    As to your career; there won't be any progress there for quite some time I feel. By all means, look elsewhere, but don't close the door on where you are now. I think it's fair to say that during these incredibly changing and shifting times, it is best to stay where we ALL are for the time being at least. Things are difficult everywhere, if that's any comfort for you, and taking unnecessary risks right now may not prove fruitful or helpful.

    Do you work in the corporate arena, or advertising/marketing? Times are even tougher within these areas, but an opportunity will come up for you within (and I'm not always good with time frames) maybe three months or so where you'll start on the same level you are now, but will have the chance to climb the ladder, so to speak. You are imaginative and creative, and need work that allows you to express that. Publishing just sprang to mind, so maybe that's an area you might look into (unless it's where you already are of course!) I get that you like many projects going at once, and you have your finger in many pies. And publishing keeps coming up again, so ... I hope that makes some sense to you 🙂

    So, are you experiencing what a lot of people are at the moment: like, you no longer believe in what you do anymore, or don't feel it's "real"? That's okay and very normal, especially now. A lot of us have lost faith in our leaders, both on the job and our governments. We are all questioning what they are really doing for us and why we're continuing doing what we're doing.

    In the way distant future, I see you working for yourself, but for now you need to keep marking time and walking that treadmill because it will lead you and prepare you for what you are meant to be doing.

    But the first thing I think you need to consider is to end this relationship as it will leave things open for you. By being in it, you are stifled because you can't freely express yourself. That is not his fault or yours; it's just the way things go when love doesn't really exist between two people. I think you will stay friends with this man though, as I feel he's a very decent soul and someone who is worthwhile to keep as a friend.

    And if you are also feeling like running away, or that you have one foot on the precipice and the other one half-poised off it, try not to worry, because soon you will have the chance to leap off and start something new.

    I'm not sure if this helps you at all, but hope it has! In truth, it felt a bit like I might've been dragging things out rather than them easily coming, which can happen sometimes.

    Let me know if any of this makes sense



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  • Hi Moon50,

    Yes, I do work in a corporate setting more in finance/acctg department :). My first job actually was in a publishing industry, but my current line of work right now do allow me sometimes to be creative in a sense when they do give me projects (i.e problems) that needed to be worked on. I enjoy doing that part the most! But when the project is done, I tend to get bored easily doing the same routine. There seems to be no room for growth in my current company right now although my boss do asked me before if I was interested to fill in the other position, but I declined saying that I felt I wasn't ready, but would like to get exposed on that area a little bit. In reality, I just didn't want to work for the higher boss who has quite a reputation of being difficult. That was the reason why the previous person left. Did I handle that right? Will I get that position if I did applied for it? I will keep my options open right now.. Jobs are still scarce these days..

    I did wanted to work for myself down in the future, but not sure if it will still be the same line of work right now.

    Regarding my love life, I'm still at a crossroad. Still pondering over it.. Ending things seems so hard to do. The current man I'm involved with waited for me, but there wasn't anyone else before him. I did like someone else before him and that person was unavailable, but it was more of just a puppy love. And yes, he is a good guy, but we are so different from each other. I'm already involved when I met this guy that I currently like. I wonder what he is up to these days. I haven't heard from him for awhile. I'm hoping to get reconnected with him this year, but it seems like it is not going to happen :(. I find it interesting that more than one person told me that I will meet someone else down the line. I don't see myself meeting anyone else or any where else.. haha.. is it not the same guy that I like you see in the future?

    Thanks for doing the reading, Moon50.


  • Often, we can't see what others do, so don't worry! While I realise this sounds like a cliche, it will all work out for the best. But my strong feeling is that you need to release your current relationship and leave yourself open to new things and people. Be honest with this man you're with, don't string him along and you'll have a friend for life which is no bad thing 🙂

    When you meet someone else while you're still involved with another, if strong feelings are engendered by that someone else, then that is a message that your current rel is lacking in some area. It doesn't always mean - and this will contradict what I said above - that the relationship needs to end, but rather it needs to move forward to another level. Or you are not giving yourself what you wish for and desire in another.

    However, in your case, I feel that you need some head and heart space, and to take the risk of being alone for a while. This will heal you, and teach you to give to yourself and love yourself. Don't be afraid that you will ALWAYS be alone, because you won't. But you need to give your own psyche a chance to quieten down and not have the demands of others put upon it for a while, while you learn what it is you honestly want out of life and love.

    I hope this helps you further!



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