Help! I need an interpretation of my how my planets define me

  • I have done many astrological reports, and unfortunately, all that is provided is separate analysis on each planet. None say how the aspects affect each other on the whole....I know that I have a complicated natal chart. My sun, moon, and mars are conjunct in Taurus

    My venus is in Pisces and my Venus conjuncts my Saturn in Pisces

    Venus is also trine my Neptune in Scorpio. Saturn is trine my Neptune...

    Taurus is ruled by Venus,.....Pisces is ruled by Neptune.... I know I follow my heart...I just want to know how this truly affects me... PS. I was also born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. If I was born 14 hours earlier, my sun would be Aries.

    I have for the first time experienced unconditional love for a man. Didn't know what I was looking for until I experienced that feeling....and I fear it is only one-sided. We are now apart for the bazillionth I just need to make sense of my feelings and who I am. Can anyone provide a combined insight?

    Thank you.

    The following is my chart and aspects.

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Taurus 0.37 Ascendant Sagittarius 12.34

    Moon Taurus 4.12 II Capricorn 19.05

    Mercury Aries 3.23 III Pisces 2.45

    Venus Pisces 14.51 IV Aries 9.28

    Mars Taurus 2.29 V Taurus 5.49

    Jupiter Gemini 27.24 VI Taurus 25.43

    Saturn Pisces 24.45 VII Gemini 12.34

    Uranus Virgo 15.56 R VIII Cancer 19.05

    Neptune Scorpio 21.22 R IX Virgo 2.45

    Pluto Virgo 16.09 R Midheaven Libra 9.28

    Lilith Pisces 2.10 XI Scorpio 5.49

    Asc node Taurus 25.34 XII Scorpio 25.43


    The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal chart. Short interpretations are found below.

    Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value

    Sun Conjunction Moon 3.36 633

    Sun Conjunction Mars 1.52 255

    Sun Sextile Jupiter 3.13 41

    Moon Conjunction Mars 1.43 136

    Mercury Square Jupiter 5.60 -0

    Mercury Conjunction Saturn 8.38 65

    Mercury Opposition Midheaven 6.05 -52

    Venus Conjunction Saturn 9.54 6

    Venus Opposition Uranus 1.05 -229

    Venus Trine Neptune 6.31 22

    Venus Opposition Pluto 1.18 -178

    Venus Square Ascendant 2.17 -56

    Jupiter Square Saturn 2.39 -35

    Saturn Opposition Uranus 8.49 -3

    Saturn Trine Neptune 3.23 35

    Saturn Opposition Pluto 8.36 -4

    Uranus Conjunction Pluto 0.13 156

    Uranus Square Ascendant 3.22 -13

    Pluto Square Ascendant 3.36 -4

    1349 -574 775

  • This is my natal chart. I hope it shows clearly.


  • This is my natal chart. Hope it shows clearly.

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