Moon50 can you help me too?:--)

  • So this is the third year im trying to get into the college, i didnt get into the one i wanted, so instead i enrolled to college in another town, far from my hometown. I have problems with my health, parents and lots of things keeps me here.

    And im wonderin should i go to that college, that im already enrolled or should i try to move to another college which is less far from home.

    my sign is virgo, thanks a lot 🙂

  • Doree

    You need to go to the college that is furthest away from your hometown. It is the problems of your family that are exacerbating your health difficulties, and you need to distance yourself from that in order to heal. It was where you said "... lots of things keep me here" that got my antenna up. I don't feel you WANT to stay where you are; your soul is yearning for freedom and peace and the only way you can achieve that is to get away from your current situation. It won't be easy to start with as you'll still feel responsible for your family, and they may "accuse" you of deserting them, but keep in regular contact with them, go home when you can, but try also to distance yourself. I honestly feel that they are feeding off you in a way and draining you, hence your own health problems.

    I pose this question to you, and answer yourself honestly: DO YOU WANT to go to the College that has accepted you, but that is further away from your home in preference to sticking around and trying to get into one that is closest? And keep this in mind: the Universe is showing you that you need to get away, as it's the College furthest away that has accepted you.

    I hope this helps!



  • it's true, my family is really hard to deal with, i want to help them in one way but in the other i want to go away.

    i mean going in any college that isnt here is good for me, so im wondering is is really important to get away so far, cause i have gf here, and if anything happens i can get home in few hours, and there i cant. im gonna be so alone there, and in the city that is less far i have friend.

    that's why i was wondering what's better. but i guess i should go to the one im already in 🙂

    thank you, it helps me to decide 🙂

    i hope it turns good

  • No, you don't need to go to the one furtherest away unless that's what you want. Waiting for one closer to accept you will delay your "escape" though, so that's where you need to make a choice.

    I still feel the one that has accepted you now will be the best choice, though it will be the scarier one to start with. You will make a friend quickly there too, if that helps you further. But things will turn out in your best interest, which is all important here.

    Let me know how you go 🙂



  • im still not sure, what i want, i mean i want to be closer, but this other that furtherest seems better in some ways.

    and that about family also is true.

    i didnt apply for second one still, i first want to decide where i wanna go, cause applying is ugh kind hard, cause i alreay did that 3 times, and maybe i wont even get in.

    So idk im gonna still think about it, but now i think im gonna go in the furtherest.

    Jeah, making a friend is gonna help, cause i dont know anybody there, im so scared of everything.

    Im gonna let you know how is going : )

    thanks so much

  • Remember the saying, (which is also a book whose author I can't recall), "feel the fear but do it anyway". Often, the things that frighten us the most are the things that help us grow the most, and give us a great sense of achievement and confidence.

    You will reap the rewards of your courage and effort and I wish you good luck in both your decision, and the result of that decision 🙂


    PS: I will add this as an afterthought: if you decide to wait for a College that is a bit closer, you will need to learn to distance yourself from your family. Either choice you make will require you to be "distant" in some way, if that makes sense. This is a chance for you to live your life, rather than live it through the demands and petty squabbling of your family, and I hope you don't mind me saying that!

  • That sounds convincing, but it is hard, but im gonna try my best.

    I completely understand, i need to take my life in my hands, dont let them ''control'' my life with their problems.

    i will keep you updated with all this, thank you::)

  • No worries!

  • oh here i sme again. so today i told my dad that i will go in the furtherest college, and he said that he wont pay for that, cause we already renting apartement here.

    that i should try going in college that in my town,. something i dont want like economy or smth.

    im feeling really dissapointed now, so i have to stay here with my sister that even dosent go to the college.

    so can you see, will he change his mind about that, and will i go to the college in another town?:/

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