Do You Need A Reading Every Week

  • It has come to my attention on this forum that people are asking for readings every week or every other day. I can understand if you need to vent than please inform us that you are doing so. I feel that those asking for readings every week are really not listening and respecting the readings they are receiveing from some very gifted readers here on this site.

    It is not healthy to rely on a reading to guide every step of life, addiction to readings is not recommended for your overall life view should be chosen and followed by you and your free will life choices.

    Please show regard for yourself and the readers here, as if you were a reader yourself .

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  • Shuabby, I couldn't agree more! What really irks me is giving someone a reading, then they push and push for more and more until I throw my hands up and move on to someone else. You know the type ... you give your answer/s but it's not what they WANT to hear. I've read for some who say "thanks sooo much" then go and post the same question up asking for someone else's insight. Grrr.

    And it is true: readings every other week or other day are not good and will end up skewed in the process.

    Still and all, these coming changes are unnerving a lot of folk, myself included, and that could explain what seems to be a heightened sense of doubt and fear in the majority of people.

    Thanks for posting this!



  • For those who shop around for a psychic who will tell them what they what to hear, instead of the truth, no amount of readings will help them until they are ready to face reality. And until then they will live in misery instead of moving on. As tough as acceptance of reality is, suffering with an impossible fantasy is much worse and more self-destructive.

  • And yes, psychic readings are only meant for helping someone get to their feet, not to carry them once they can walk.

  • Agreed 🙂

  • But I know there are also nice people here who feel bad and guilty about asking the same person for readings so they go to others just so they won't be 'bothering' the same reader all the time. As if they are a bother!!! 🙂

  • Yes! I've been reading for someone who is a bit like that. Just said she felt she'd be okay and didn't want to take up any more of my time. Those people you want to keep reading for.

    And Captain, you read for so many on here, which is the reason why if I post up something (which has been weekly in recent times ... ahem ... !?) I make it a general question. If you choose to respond, that's dandy, but I don't expect it, you know what I mean?

    Ah well ... The world is made up of different folk 🙂

  • Yeah, a general posting probably works best, especially for new members. That way if one reader misses it, another will pick it up. Mostly I just answer the posts I am drawn to. Unfortunately there's not enough readers to answer everyone's questions. We have only so much energy to go around as the readings can be draining.

  • LOL! 🙂

    All of you readers rock! I envy you on the one hand & on the other not at all! But I do deeply appreciate all the guidance I have gotten through the years!

  • They can be draining. But that's the beauty of online: we can get up, leave the computer, or turn it off any time we choose to 🙂

  • HI

    Thanks to all of you for the guidance you bring to us. Just wondering, what is the time frame for a reading -a 3 or 6 month span? Psychic guidance time span?



  • Predictions are only accurate until you make a change in yourself or your circumstances. This will then alter the prediction's outcome, either slightly or a lot. Thus the right time for a new reading is whenever you feel you have made such a significant change in yourself or your situation that it negates the previous readings' outcome.

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