Will I get this thing done? Insight please

  • Hi All,

    I am wondering if any psychic can tell me if I can get the green card early next year? or even sooner or later? It's really important as I need this to continue working in the States.. Its something that I concern a lot these days. I am working on it, and would like to know if its possible to get this green card application done early next year or even this year.. Would appreciate your insight. Thanks in advance.

  • Yes I feel you will get the green card next year around March.

  • GREAT! thanks Captain! Hope things work out just AS you said 😉 Thank you thank you!

  • The prediction will come true as long as you don't change the course you are on at the moment. Any new direction will alter the outcome.

  • I see. Thanks for the tips, Captain! will definitely work hard on making it come true;-)

  • Take heart - it means you are headed the right way.

  • Hi Captain,

    May I ask One more question please? Money has been really tight for me and I feel very bad constantly ask my parents for help. I'm struggling with living expenses these days. Since my boyfriend is doing really well financially, I am wondering if hes okay to support me for the next couple months.. It's kinda embarrassing to ask since I have never asked any man i was/am with to pay for my expenses. I would like to know about his attitude on this? Will he do it for me if I ask? What you think, Captain? Thank you!

  • You had best sit down and ask HIM this question. You must ask him to be perfectly honest about how he feels about supporting you. And be prepared to accept a "No" graciously with a comment that you will just have to find another way. But make sure he knows you can accept a refusal without blaming him for it or holding it against him - that is, if you can. If you feel you may hold a grudge that will harm your relationship, then you certainly should find another way. It really should be your last resort since money can come between friends, family, and lovers. Maybe make it a loan and write out an IOU if that makes you feel better. But be aware that living off him could come back to bite you if he uses it as a never ending source of "Look what I did for you!"

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