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  • My name is Ricky and im 18 (Feb. 24th 1991) my sun sign is Pisces, Mars is Cancer and moon is libra, i still dont really understand my birth chart or whatever lol. but yea, iv been into the whole astrology thing since i was like 14, and this is the first time i subscribed to a astrology forum..i feel stupid right now lol, but yea glad to be on board. and i have all the psychic abilities they talk about, most of my friends are Earth signs, purposely surround myself with them hehe ;D. and im still learning how to tune myself in and out of my abilities, but yea i dont know what else to

  • Well, WELCOME!!!! can undrstand yu surrounding yurself wth Earth as ther does nt seem much in your chart? I am Cancer, Moon in Leo, Acendent Aries..Fire and Water...go figure! Intrsting about your Mars being in Cancer...It might mean that your way of "confrontation" is to "reflect" the other person...Cancer is a psychic sign but our real strength is reflecting othrs as they truly are, like a mirror. Powerful you! Use it well!

    Walk in Beauty,


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