Moon50 - I would appreciate a reading from you!!

  • Last week, I met and started dating this man (3-28-54) (I am 10-16-56) He is so quirky and a bit eccentric, but I am just really drawn to him and him to me. I am trying to pull back somewhat, trying not to rush into things. He talks like he really wants to have a relationship but his actions are sometimes very detached....kind of like warm interest vs aloofness.

    Can you do a reading on this situation or any other issue that comes to you. I am in the middle of a transition in my life and would like to know if he is going to be a part of it!! He is very sensitive (most of the time) and he can read my mind. But he seems to have some hang ups about sharing his space and also leaving his space! Please help with some insight!!

    Many blessings,


  • Hi Leslie,

    You know, I can't see any real reason why you need to hold back with this man, as such. Open up and allow the Universe to guide you is what I'm getting. This fella is someone who is very at home with himself and doesn't need anyone to validate him or his existence. And yes, you're right: he is protective of his space because he's been in situations before where he hasn't been able to be "heard" over the noise of many others. Does he come from a large family?I simply feel he was left out in the cold a bit in the past and became very used to fending for himself. He is proud of his achievements, and he IS a warm and caring soul. But not one who takes too kindly to being pushed or "infiltrated" for want of a better word!! He's generous with his time, but again, very protective of his need to be alone and detach himself from the world outside.

    Are you worried he is bordering on agoraphobia due to his "hang-ups" about leaving his space? I think he has suffered this to a degree somewhere in his past, but recently, a lot of people are finding it hard to leave their "space" as the world outside is so chaotic, loud and unpredictable it's often much, much safer to stay at home 🙂

    Is this guy a Cancerian by any chance? I ask because that sign is known for being very open, warm and all that stuff, then retreating into their shells and becoming almost distant and cold. I should know, I am a crab myself and behave like that here and there!

    To repeat what I said above: The main message I get is GO WITH THE FLOW of the universe. If that flow tells you to dive in a bit, then dive in. If it tells you to simply BE, then BE. Etc. What I'm saying to you is let yourself follow what your intuition tells you with this man. Ego will not work here; but intuition will. And it will seem illogical at times, but that's the way of love 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Let me know how this works out



  • You really hit the nail right on the head here Moon50!!! I found out tonight that he has much, much anger and resentment towards his very, very large family....I found out by insisting he tell me why he has nothing to do with any of them. I feel he has suffered in the past, but he isn't opening up about it. I pretty much walked out tonight because of how volitale he got....he was drinking quite heavily also.

    You are right, ego won't work here....and my intuition says it can work, it would be a lot of work, but I am not sure if I will hear from him again or if I should just let it go. Very, very, very illogical....but what should I do? He is an Aries, I am a Libra, he does HATE to be pushed but what about my needs?? He seems very, very intractable....his way or NO way!! I would love to be able to make this work, but not seeing it right now!!

    Anything else you can add would be appreciated!

    Thank you!!

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