Interpretation of my cards please

  • I drew some cards and they relate to my situation. Was wondering what anyone else picks-up on and can help me with. The situation is someone close to me who made it known that he wanted a relationship w/me. I found myself wanting to be close to him although told him we could not have a relationship. Our personalities jive. He is brilliant and was a scientist most of his life. The situation isn't appropriate for having a realtionship. I'm very fond of him and love him.


    above--king of swords


    below--page of rods

    situation--9 of cups

    past--2 of cups


    future--wheel of fortune

    blocks--10 of rods


    advice--3 of cups

    outcome--6 of rods

  • Hi Daliolite

    I'll try my take on this, these are fun.

    King Swords above, that must represent him, as part of a "higher hope".

    Present (identifier) Fool - that sound like the "personality" of the two of you. A comedic element perhaps.

    Situation - 9 of Cups - Situation looks good! Apparently you two are exactly where you need to be - perfect in love/emotions/relationship. 9 is wonderful!

    Challenges - Strength This is "teth". Serpent (lets hope non-venemous). So there is healing here. And some skin shedding as well. Animal instincts. Some things changing under the surface, so your instincts and whatever your actions are right now are enduring and exactly as they should be.

    Below - Page of Wands - Some communications along creative lines, you shared something of a creative, fiery, or path purpose, this is important background for the relationship.

    Past - 2 of Cups - a love relationship.

    Future - some events were set in motion back there, and the wheel is turning and we are waiting to see where it lands. So the future is watching to see where the ball drops.

    Blocks - 10 of Wands - A serious interest in a path change, 10's are crossroads numbers. So the "block" is this challenge of deciding whether to move ahead with something new in a path/role - or stay with the old pattern ending with the 9 wands.

    Friends - The World. This is like saying the tress are your friends. Not helping. Not hurting. Just there. "Hi friends... how you doing?" ... or, "Okay, see you later friends."

    Advice - 3 of Cups - stay happy I guess, dance a lot. Play some music and make a jacka s s of yourself haha... dance anyway... and get a little crazy. 🙂

    Outcome - 6 of Wands. Victory.

    Hope that helps.


  • These cards were so right it's hard to take it all in. What happened is his situation is out of my control on many levels. I see him on daily basis but not as much as what I used to because his situation has changed. This is a strong attraction. He told me that I had become a very special person to him. I'm just very happy that maybe I can continue on some level to know and enjoy him.

  • BTW forgot to say thanks. I see the 9 of cups as being careful what you wish for type scenario. I see the page of rods as me and the king as him. He is distanced physically (environment) but not emotionally is what is going on here. He doesn't like his new location. The world card is validating his position in the world as he had a famous, important job. His job involved what is considered the milestone of the millennia. His work on that project. 3 of cups and 6 of wands is a celebration. I should celebrate my friendship is what I'm getting. Thanks for your insights.

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