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  • Hi there, Im updating this post from the last one, the situation with my boyfriend has improved a little. I explained to him that id be willing to try moving out of state w?him, if i dont like it i always can come back. i think he was worked up at the idea of me not going with him. cause if i dont go then we wouldnt have a future together. personally i dont really like the idea of going,but one of you on here(cant remember which one of you it is) said i would have a good future out of state, and seeing be happy,successful somewhere else. so i figured maybe i should give it a go. Its just so frustrating, my boyfriend is a trucker and he intends on doing over the road(which he is sorta doing it now already) we are living with his( best friend Matt,matts girlfriend,and matts child.) his girlfriend is also pregnant again. anyway i dont really like living with another couple or any roommate for that matter. especially her, she doesnt really watch her kid,he gets into things, she complains about doing most of the cleaning cause im always studying for college. she doesnt like dogs so she is always complaining about the dog my boyfriend adopted. where i love our dog,im going to vet tech school remember? lol. if we do move to tenneessee we will be having them living with us still, cause his buddy cant make it on his own. and my man doesnt want to throw his best friend and family on the streets, which i can understand that. but his friend sucks with money,doesnt know how to manage or save $ and has no interest in starting. they dont even have a car! im the only one with a car right now, and my man is planning on saving so he can get one for himself. I just want my boyfriend and i to have our own place and it feels as though we will be stuck with them forever! If i were to move out of state with him i would like at least for him to have a local job that brings him every night,especially since my family and friends will no longer be an option for keeping me company when he is away. and im defiantely getting tired of being alone with his buddies woman all the time. we dont fight or anything but we have 2 totally different outlooks and approaches to lifestyle,the way a household is ran,etc... my boyfriend cant stand her,cause of her attitude,lack of respect and responsibility. she is supposedly bipolar,schizophrenic, but i believe that! lol she is only 22yrs old, and is very uneducated and selfish. I just dont know what to do, its so stressful and scary right now, it seems like nothing is going right. I hate that my man has to be on the road all the time, hate that i have to be stuck here with her while the guys are on the road, Id rather be in the rig with them then this! lol at least they r best friends and get to travel and see the country. im stuck here trying to study,listening to a crying,spoiled toddler(but i still love that boy). I want to be with my man,but i guess i want my cake and eat it too. I love my mom and sis but i dont want to move back home either, im 33yrs old and ready to be the woman of the house. my mom and i clash when we live together(especially both of us being scorpios!) as you may recall my mom and sis hate my boyfriend, and they are resentful for me still being with him. Another reason i wouldnt want go back home if my man and i were ever to split up is that my ex-stepdad visits over there. iv had problems with him sexually harrassing me for years.

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  • vettech78

    I suggest you request a profile of you and your boyfriends birthdates from The Captain as she will be very helpful.

  • ok but i try to avoid astrological type readings. but im a scorpio

  • his name is dan.

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