Reading please anyone

  • Hi I am having a problem where I live the landlord wants to evict my parents because he says that we haven't payed the rent. Meanwhile we payed the rent. The landlord took us to court but my dad couldn't make it that day. So the judge sided with the landlord. We received a letter from the court saying we have to evict the apartment on sept 10. My parents called the landlord that we have payed the rent but he wasn't there only the secretary and she said that they had received the payment for aug. The secretary she said she was going to verify if she had received the month of July. She was eventually supposed to call back but she didn't. Today we received another court paper saying that on sept 10 we have a hearing. I just would like a reading on what is going to happen on Sept 10 because I want to continue living in this apt. because my parents can't afford anything else. My parents did pay the rent of these months.

  • Don't you have rent receipts as proof?

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