=-( Losing Hope

  • I know I've posted this in a different area before,but I'm getting desperate for answers and

    I'm not finding them within myself.

    Can anyone tell me if I have any hope of finding work soon?

    Am I destined to rely on other people to support me?

    I'm really trying,but it seems that I may never find anything.

    I know the economy is difficult,but I hear of people being hired all the time and

    I see a lot of different job listings and it seems that I've applied to 100 + of them.

    I had someone about 3 months ago tell me I'd have a job in 3 months,but I'm not seeing any signs of this happening and the 3 months is almost over.

    I don't blame them,the universe has a funny way of operating sometimes and even strongly psychic people can see everything.


  • Thank You for reading this and I wish everyone many blessings and much happiness.


  • Robin33

    I know that finding work is a real job these days. I imed feel that you can go to work in a grocery store near you. I also feel the need to tell you to apply to a temporary service as they don't always have work , yet they at times need large numbers of people for jobs.

    Have you applied for warehouse work as I feel you being called and interviewed by a man with an R in his first name in less than seven days. Please keep us posted.



  • Shuabby,


    I agree, yes it is quite a job and very disheartening.

    I've been applying pretty much everywhere.

    Temp agencies,warehouse positions,banks etc etc.

    I've had a few interviews, but obviously no job.

    Thank you for responding.

    Blessings, Robin

  • Robin, I know consciously you want to find work, but I am sensing that deep down you feel you should have to work and that you want someone to support you (this is the child part of you that is exerting influence over the adult), which is why you have not yet been able to become independent and employed. Part of you wants to remain young, innocent, carefree, and be taken care of forever by others.

    The Universe only gives us what we want so if you are sabotaging your own conscious wishes with subconscious fears, you will get whichever is strongest in you. At the moment that is your inner child's needs. This child doesn't want to grow up and take on adult responsibilities. She also doesn't want to do anything that isn't fun and she fears a job will not be fun at all. Once the adult in you reassures the child that the Universe (and the adult Robin) will always take care of her and that 'she' can indeed enjoy working, you will find your job search will become easy. You must learn how to 'parent' and soothe your inner child's fears by really listening to her feelings. The child might not be able to tell you why she feels sad or angry or scared, but keep trying. Don’t let any critical voices tell you that it’s silly to speak to your inner child, and encourage her like a real child to express her fears. Somewhere along the line she/you became afraid of being an adult - can you recall any experience(s) that might have inspired this fear?

    Remove the inner blockages and you will free yourself to find the work you want. It is not the economy holding you back, just that scared child inside.

  • Hi Captain πŸ˜ƒ

    I very much appreciate your input and advice. ❀

    I hope I'm not being offensive,but I have to say In some ways you're wrong and in some ways you're right.

    I won't go into all of it because it's kind of awkward for me and I don't like to spill my life story =-),but I will say that I genuinely do want

    to work and to be able to take care of myself.

    As for the inner child part...

    adulthood, in general, tends to suck the life/spirit out of people.

  • Yes I did say the CONSCIOUS ADULT part of you wants to find work...but unless you remove the roadblocks that your inner child has erected, you won't get anywhere. You are literally fighting yourself. Don't you see that it is your inner 'child' who does not want to accept that truth? When I look at your photo, I see her in you - you look so young and confused.

  • It's true you did say conscious adult part of me....I stand corrected in my interpretation of your words....my apologies.

    How to get around those roadblocks is another story entirely,but I will do my best

    to communicate with the inner child that you speak of.

    I'll figure it out eventually...hopefully it won't be too late..seeing as I'm 35 years old.

    Thank You. ❀

  • It's really all about believing in yourself - that you can make your way in the adult world, that you have the strength and wisdom and courage to survive when things get tough. If you believe you are the creator of your own life, and accept the responsibility for its pdirection, then there is nothing you cannot achieve. If you believe that life is a string of random situations, then you give away your power to create what you want. Put all negative thinking aside - "I'll never get a job in this economy!", "Nobody will hire me", "It's all too hard!" etc. and keep telling yourself that the perfect job for you is now here and visualize yourself opening the door to a great opportunity. Never give up hope and you will always be a winner. The most successful people are not those who have never been rejected by an employer or had to struggle to make money - they are the ones who fell down more than others yet kept on getting up again until they got what they wanted. Perseverence is key! Tell yourself you are only one sleep away from the perfect job.

  • And the only "too late" is when you are dead!

  • Try this - pick somewhere you really would like to work, go to the place of business, and keep asking until you get to see the boss or someone in the hiring department. Tell them how much you want to work there and that you would be an incredibly devoted and capable worker. Sell yourself and impress the heck out of them. If they really have no vacancies, then they will certainly remember you when one becomes available - if you have made a good impression. People love to see someone who really wants to work for them and is willing to show it. Don't wait for bosses to come to you.

  • <3You give good advice Captain

    and it really helps. ❀

    Especially because at least now I know that you would be the 2nd person out there that genuinely cares and doesn't seem to think I'm a total idiot(I have ADD-I ) and that I can manage my own life....hee hee.

    You're a good and kind person and I always have a great appreciation and respect for good and kind people.

    Please pardon the emotional display,but thank you for being such a person. ❀

    I just can't let any of it get me down and keep plugging away at it....,but keep the hope up with that fact that I've had a few interviews and practice makes for perfect and though I have my flaws I'll get through them.....It's not like I haven't had battles to fight before....^_^

  • I have absolute confidence in your strength, intelligence, and wisdom. As long as you do too, you will get whatever you want.

    Just remember, negativity only produces bad or nil results, plus it makes you feel awful too. Positivity is the only way to get ahead.

  • Hi Robin - I was in your shoes four years ago. A great way to keep your positive energy up and possibly make some job connections is through volunteering. Without knowing your background I don't know what to suggest, but I know that large employers such as hospitals or school districts are always looking for volunteers. Libraries. Museums. Getting yourself on a "work" schedule is helpful too so that you don't lapse into apathy. Even if it were only 4 hours a week, I think it would help your self-esteem immensely. And don't forget, volunteer work IS real work and should definitely become part of your work experience on applications.

    For two years I worked a part-time job and went to school part-time through a governement assited program (you could see if there is anything similar in your area to help unemployed people). I was able to get certified in several computer programs which gave me new opportunities to "sell" myself. I have kids so as much as I could, I continued my volunteer activities with the school and other organizations the kids belong to as well. These days I am employed full-time with great benefits.

    Since you are not getting any bites on your applications my guess is that you need to ramp up your experience somehow. Get going on something in your spare time that demonstrates to prospective employers that you are ambitious and someone they want to have on their team. Do you ever follow up on applications to ask why you didn't get the job? It's perfectly acceptable to try to contact them and say something like, "I appreciate that you considered me for the position, it really sounded like the job for me, could you give me a couple of pointers on what skills or experience I could improve so that I can work on gaining the qualifications needed for this type of job?" The bonus is that you have that employers attention and they might just have something else open. Your initiative could impress them enough that they might ask you to interview for something else. Success in the current job market is a whole lot about making opportunities to get noticed, instead of just waiting to see what comes up in the job ads. Wishing you the best Robin, you can do this!! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Jenever7,=-)

    Volunteering is a good idea. Thank you for suggesting it.

    Also following up and asking about what I could do to improve is also a good suggestion.

    I follow up on the application status,but I never do a double follow up to find out why I wasn't hired.

    You're right I don't have much of a job history, I was on SSI since I was a teenager and lost it about 8 years ago.

    So the volunteer suggestion was a good one. πŸ˜ƒ

    I'm in college already,but I won't be graduating until 2014 and everyone wants

    a graphic designer with a degree and more experience than I have.

    Thank you for your help and suggestions, it was very sweet of you to take the time

    to this ❀ ❀ ❀

  • Robin - What a coincidence, I work with graphic designers every day! My area is writing and photography, and the graphic designers do more creative visuals, font selection, marketing concept development, etc. I've been moving more and more into website work. Started out with content development, but now dealing with more diverse projects; QR code landing pages, mobile apps, and project management and budgeting (somewhere in everything you have to make money ya know). So now I am thinking that you could take the Captain's suggestion to zero in on companies that you would really like to work for and inquire about an internship or just assisting them with "grunt" work for a few hours a week.

    Another type of place you might want to look into volunteering is large non-profits such as United Way or American Red Cross. I'm not in a very large city and even we have local offices. These places survive on volunteers and maybe you could put your graphic design skills to use on their newsletters, website, or promotional pieces for fundraisers - once you get your foot in the door. Getting in you'll probably have to just do whatever they need you to do. Think of the experience and portfolio potential if you could assit with some of their graphics work. Would be awesome.

    The other thing is that so many businesses support some of these places, for instance United Way relies heavily on corporate participation, you could create a huge opportunity to expand your network for maybe finding a job now and to help find a graphic arts job later when you graduate. It is true that often it's about "who you know". Many jobs never even get advertised because they are handed directly to someone who was referred because of personal knowledge of their personality, experience and work ethic. That was my path just before I landed my full-time job. I had arranged to do some office work for our local United Way, but just two weeks later I had a job offer. I was actually disappointed in a way because I think the experience would have been really interesting and diverse. Would have given me some better options for down the road. But, I had gone nearly two years working part-time jobs and it was time for some stability. Single mom, no health insurance, three kids and a mortgage...I figured I had better take the full-time job. πŸ™‚

    Glad I could help give you some new ideas to consider!

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