Job synchronicity?

  • Hi everyone - if anyone gets an insight to this I'd be thrilled and thank you very much. I live very close to the water and it is a long commute to get to most jobs I have a work history of doing.

    I spoke to a local hotel in August about the front desk but only needed part time work and he wanted full time. I called him yesterday and he said someone had just quit but he wasn't going to fill the spot til after the New Year and call him the first week of January, and that he would be agreeable to a 4 day work week.

    Sounds like a great coincidence, but it pays half of what I was making. Anyone think he meant he actually would hire me? and/or that this would be something I'd like?

    Maybe half the money means half the stress? lol - it's all I can think of. I'm worried I'd come to resent the low pay but know I'd love the 3 minute commute.

    Anyway, is this something I can count on?

    Thank you and blessings of the Season of Light to everyone!

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