Captain could you please give me advise about my sons

  • Hello Captain, I have 3 sons I was a very young mother I wanted them to be successful and they are I feel lost,, they all live far away they are proffessionals in their work and they live a much different life than I..............I haven,t seen one in 13 yrs ...The other 2 are always busy If i speak with them by phone naturally I WANT TO BE ON THE UP-BEAT but I find it very difficult at times I also feel that I do not fit into their World.I pray to Arc Angel Michel for guidance. But I still find myself lonely and sad Should I tell them how I really feel or is this what happens to us all ,,, once we near 70 yrs of age. I am tired of trying to understand all this. What happened?/ do you see anything. Your words and thougts will be so comforting to me Please feel free to ask me any questions you need to know . Thank you so much

  • Of course, you should tell them how you are feeling and give them the opportunity to draw closer again. It's easy to get so caught up in your life and work that you forget those you love. Perhaps they will visit or suggest you visit them or even help you move nearer. You are all family and family needs closeness and togetherness to work. Perhaps your sons need to be reminded of this.

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