• I was wondering if you can give me a reading in regard to Job opportunities and romance please?

    I am hoping that there will be some major changes in my life 🙂

    April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance!!

  • Dear Tall,

    The major message I am managing to get thus far is: go with the flow for now; you are experiencing many internal changes and they are manifesting in physical symptoms. Any radical change which YOU force at the moment could be detrimental to you.

    Did you experience a rather messy, painful break up or other shake-up in recent times? I feel there are legal issues surrounding you and some other - for want of a better term - gooky residue which is holding you back. Like, you want to break free, but feel you can't. Remember Nelson Mandella's story: when incarcerated for so long, he found a way to feel free, even though he was a prisoner, and found an inner peace. You are overwhelmed and feel you can't breathe; like you are wrapped in chains.

    What is holding you back is preventing you from finding a real love. I feel there is guilt present in you which could be the "gooky" thing which keeps you bouncing backwards. You are afraid of change too, which is entirely human and normal. Don't judge yourself; be kind to YOU. Are there children? I'm picking up some youthful vibes around you ... two of them? YOu have done it alone for a long time, but that will soon change.

    I am getting modelling ... is that of any relevance to yourself? I'm getting a very attractive energy from you and one that you don't trust. Remember too, that those given the gift of outer beauty are needed in this world to shine a light in the darkness; while fostering their inner beauty which is reflected in the facade the world sees.

    You have so many abilities that you haven't realised yet. Acting ... writing ... even teaching. You are stuck in what I'm getting is a very stagnate situation which you are familiar with, but sick of, yet afraid to change. You will get your opportunity to do this, but not right now. Your intuition is telling you to wait, and it is right.

    Visualise what you want from your life, and it will come. You also have magical gifts; healing gifts and an energy that pleases people and brings smiles to those who have forgotten how to use those facial muscles for anything other than scowling 🙂 Use it, because it will help heal you while you bring sunshine to dark places and people.

    The legal (or otherwise negative) issues will eventually resolve. Once they do, you will meet a very significant person who could be of romantic interest. I think about 3 to 6 months this will happen. Your life is opening up, and you need to receive it. Trust. Believe that all this joy can be yours.

    I hope this doesn't come across as rambling; I just went with what I got!

    If this helps you, then I've achieved something this day 🙂



    YOu have taken on a lot, and it has burdened you. Learn to delegate

  • Hi Moon50,

    I've read your insightful readings and wondering if you can give me one in regards to love and career.

    Thanks so much.


  • Aireslass,

    I sure will, but can you post your request on a separate thread please so I don't get "crossed" energies/messages between you and Standing Tall?

    Thanks so much!




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