Blmoon can you help?

  • Hi, I'm sorry to bother you I know many seek your help on these forums but I'm really in need of some answers and hope you can share your gift.

    I posted about an issue I'm having on another board with my boyfriend who seems to be following Santeria. I'm not sure if you are familiar with this religion but any way I think he has done a ritual of some kind with our pictures and personal belongings of mine. I'm really scared and want to know if in fact he has been doing this and if I'm in any harm? I want to know if I'm okay and if I'm in this relationship freely and purely out of love and not some ritual that was done on me. I know it's absurd to even question the fact I have to ask this is kind of sad. Right now I just want to protect myself the relationship is obviously not what I thought and will deal with that in due time. Any insight is much appreciated.

    I really hope you can share your gift I know it's all about feeling and maybe you read this and nothing comes to you, I understand you can't help us all. Thank you for your time, hope you have a blessed day!

  • I must be honest--this is so a no brainer I'm thinking you are pulling our leg! If you are being honest and have not run like h ell YET, no one here can help you. I'm hoping you are just making this up! BLESSINGS!

  • I'm not Blmoon I don't see how anyone would, I'm on the forum seeking help not to waste anyone's time. Someone suggested getting help from one of the gifted psychics on this forum and I thought of you I was truly coming from an honest place sorry for wasting your time.

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