The lovers and two of cups

  • In a love reading the lovers or 2 of cups which one is stronger for a relationship to get in the reading?

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  • In my opinion, and it's an amateur one, the best card of the two above is the Two of Cups.

    The Lovers cards usually pertains to choices, and more of a physical connection.

    The Two of Cups may be the same, but it represents a deeper bond and connection. Not just one of passion and lust.

    Here is a little snippet from my tarot pamphlet about the two cards:

    Two of Cups

    Keywords: Unity, connection, communication, honesty, cooperation

    When you meld with someone else or with a new project, spiritual riches are obtained and lessons are learned. Confidence and certainty will open your heart to others without hesitation. Be certain you make the best choices, and communicate with clarity and truth.

    Reversed or Negative aspects: A troubled relationship, Unsatisfactory love, Rivalry.

    Card VI-The Lovers

    Keywords: Communication, choice, love, trust, passion

    Celebrate the loving spirit and passion within yourself, and you'll be in touch with the universal power of love. Mutual trust and communication in a relationship bring the confidence needed to overcome any obstacles. Your soul knows when it has found something it requires; have assurance in your heart and core values to help guide you to the right path. Stay true to yourself

    Reversed or Negative aspects: Inner conflicts. An unbalanced relationship. Lack of trust.

    Hope it helps.


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