Continually seeing same set of numbers

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    My dad was killed almost 30 years ago by a drunk driver, actually on my 10th birthday and ever since then he comes around using the number 143. My mom said that was his abbreviated way of saying I love you. Also he has came around to me as a 7 legged spider when it seems like he wants to say birthday, my kids baptisms.

    The past few weeks I have not been feeling really good (Ive had pain in my veins in my leg, been tired and suffering from night sweats) and I have seen this number combination come up daily. Now my question is is my dad telling me that I am going to be ok or is there more to this? I feel like I am dying but in the same sense I have had so many good things happen I have to question is it because so many good things are happening that I am fearful that I might die and miss out on the rest of what I need to do.

    I honestly don't know what is going on and I just need some direction!

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