09/09 and 09/11

  • There May Be a Major Run on Joy, Very Soon!!

    This title has just come through to me. I’ve been dealing with a few things today, but in the end I was prompted strongly to go to Honaunau, mail off some orders, then drive to Pu’uhonua o Honaunau to jump off the rocks into the ocean. I’m not here to talk about all those details, but I must say, it felt very “right”.

    Although the title does not say “Will”, rather, “May”, I’m not concerned at all about that. The 9th of September is a point that somehow seems to be getting larger and larger in my view-type screen. I will be involved in a particular part of that day which appears to be opening and expanding a gateway, rather than an ordinary, standard, “portal”. There will be the 9-9 at 9:09 (both AM and PM), and then the 9-11 at 11:11. Those are moments that stand out for myself.

    I can assure you I will be in a place that has brought much joy through me in the not too distant past. One of my favorite places on the planet. But more importantly, will be the alignment of the Inner Self with that Higher Joy that is opening up for all of us, on or close to, that day.

    I’ve known for some time, that I was to do NO traveling, ANYWHERE, except through the “portal” of Joy. Total Joy. Total Joy attunement. That’s it. I do not travel anywhere anymore just “for a vacation”. Nor is it “because someone out there on the internet tube-screen told me to go”, and maybe join their group on an “all expenses paid by you” spiritual tour. With a “tour guide”.

    Hey, the greatest “Tour Guide” capital “T G” is within YOU. And each of us has one. And this period in the planet’s life is a Master Guided Tour of the Cosmos that’s only the start of what we are to be, and where we are to be going.

    It will indeed BE a BLAST, of the most unexpectedly JOY-full kind. That’s why I’m going wherever I’m going. On the 9-9-12.

    And the connections being made on that day…will last lifetimes (whatever that means in the Golden Egg Type Age).

    From: Kauilapele

  • Connections to portal locations are being completed

    Connections to portal locations throughout Gaia are being completed for the 9-9-12 event. Such as those who are aligned with Gaia are being opened, in a sense, to receive and transmit the Higher Energies through, and into the planet.

    Those selected for the 9-9-12 in a physical and possibly “traveling” sense, know exactly their role, although instructions come moment by moment. We convey to you that these Hue-people are to be honored and supported by the Higher Realms in all they need to do.

    Preparation for the upcoming Grand Event are ongoing. The 9-9 is one step in the leading up to the 12-12 to 12-21 Ascension window. 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, 12-12, are exponential increases in Cosmic-consciousness and Cosmic-awareness.

    This planet is that Being of Light spoken of in the so-named Holy Books. And she is progressing on schedule, into becoming fully the Light Being that she is.

    Gaia is grateful for all participants at this time.

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  • Hmmm, might jump off some rocks on 9/9 myself hahaha

    So whatever connections are made on that date will last a lifetime ... that's interesting! Thanks again poetic 🙂

  • K, Blue Moon Friday!

  • We'll see what it all brings ... though today after little sleep and an emotional upset, I'm feeling a bit like it's all a crock, though I know in my heart of hearts it isn't. I'm just so busted about this whole thing ... need to look towards that blue moon methinks and not lose hope 🙂


  • HERE IS THE LINK! HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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