• Hi

    Im in a mess Captain I dont know what to do or to think about this, can you give your insight please

    Long time ago, I met this guy dob 22 March 81, I still care for him but for so long we didnt talk with each other, his in another country also, I made my life his doing his, a week ago I needed his help, so i wrote him, yesterday he told me he have a girl, but that he still wants me. Somehow I cant help feeling that he still cares and love me but he doesnt open up for me, his very secretive about his feelings, what should I do? i dont think he loves this girl and I dont want to be the other.

    help please. by the way my dob is 18 March 76


  • Maria, you need to face reality so you can heal. If this guy really loved and wanted you, he would stay in touch and do everything he could to be with you. Don't go by people's promises and words but by their actions and behaviour. He is stringing you on to feed his ego. You have become submissive and dependent on him. Free yourself. He has another woman, so you should get another man and forget this one. There is no future for you here.

  • I know, you are so right. Im gonna tell him that we can be friends but nothing more. Its the right thing to do for my own sake.

    Thank you Captain

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