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  • My son is entering college soon and has a general idea of what he wants to do.. My questions are, what would be the best field for him and where should he transfer to once he finishes his liberal arts here.... His initials are JED and his dob is 1/4/95.. Thank you..

  • According to his astrology and numerology, your son will be happiest in a field or career that pays well. His main goal is to acquire wealth and all the creature comforts it brings. Security will be very important to him. Having money makes him feel good about himself but he shouldn't believe he needs it to be attractive and lovable to others.

    Your son was born under the sign of career ambition and drive, so he will undoubtedly devote much of his life to his work (though he should be careful not to neglect his personal life because he has deep needs for a family of his own). Blessed with a rare combination of realism and idealism, he has the ability to delve deeply into the minds of others, discern their intentions, and bring the material to light in a clear way. He also has a talent for empowering the projects and businesses of others. He is good with working with other people's money. Banking, editing, insurance, mortgage, or investments would thus be something he would do well in. He would also make an excellent psychologist, IRS agent, private investigator, or in other such lines of work or investigative agencies that involve delving into secrets.

    Your son possesses a powerful healing energy - his ability to heal people's value systems (moral, financial, and spiritual) would see him do well in financial, medical, counselling, and rehabilitative institutions of all kinds. He has the kind of thoroughness and determination which will bring lasting results. Professions that involve constant change and growth or are crisis-oriented will bring him excitement and the potential for personal evolution. He will intuitively know how to deal with professional situations in a sophisticated way so he will never lack career opportunities. Like cream, he will undoubtedly rise to the top of the bottle of 'milk' and people of great position and power will offer him chances to move up in the world. Though he may have to deal with an issue of being insecure or ashamed about something in his background or past, plus a fear of being hurt, he has fortunate stars that will allow him to make major connections and develop a public image that brings rewards and recognition - he is a born pro who will easily learn how to deal with people proudly and with sensitivity and a sense of compromise. By virtue of his creativity and presence, he has within him the archetype, energy and inspiration of the inventor, the artist, the athlete, and the leader. As his creative energy and expression flows, so will his abundance.

    There will however also be periods in his life of solitude and going inward that he will enjoy because of his more theoretical disposition. Though his career or particular area of expertise will likely always come first in his life, he will derive great benefit from finding a select partner or soulmate with whom he can share his spiritual journey as well as his material success. He must be careful to always keep a fine balance between his material and metaphysical lives.

    So let your son follow his heart's calling, his passion - he is primed for success by nature, as long as he is happy and positive in his work and is doing what he loves.

  • Wow, you just described him to a T.. He is thinking about cannabis research(medical).. He is bi-polar and has an idea as to how it can help people with this condition(and others) as a natural source of medication.. The synthetic ones have caused him problems...

  • That would suit him admirably.

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