Shuabby, Astraangel, or moon50 or all three of you. please can you help me?

  • last week my boyfriend asked me if i would consider moving to tenneesee. i said i wasnt sure,not yes or no. i did mention if i did i would want us to live on our own,and if he stays a trucker i would want him home every night cause i wont know anyone there. where here i have friends/family. today when he got back from doing a trucking load in which he stopped to visit his dad in tenneesee.

    he said to me "im going to tenneessee with or without you. he really wants to go back. i dont really like the idea, id preferably stay here. but then thinking about it i could always try it, and if im not happy i could come back. nothing is permanent. but when he said that earlier i got defensive and an attitude, then he proceeded to say things like "you cant force something that isnt there" referring to feelings for me, he said he doesnt want to be tied down right now, pretty much dont want to be with me was his point i gather. but if he didnt want to be with me then why would he ask me if i wanted to go, and that was less than a week ago!!! and with or without me? why would he consider taking me if he doesnt even want to be with me???? before he left for this load last week he gave me a passionate kiss goodbye,said he loved me. I dont understand, whats going on here? why is he contradicting himself? we have been together for a year, im living with him now. i blew up at him cause im upset,angry. please help me someone. i love him so much and i want this to work if possible.

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