Time for Preparation

  • Ute Posegga-Rudel: The Andromeda Galaxy (12) – Time for Preparation

    Messages from the Realms of Light

    As channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel – August 26, 2012


    We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

    Dearest human family!

    It is now the time for you to prepare for what lies ahead of you in a short time. Your waiting is almost over! Very soon the results of your long wait and service for the light will reveal themselves to you.

    It will be a worldwide liberation of the souls who are here to experience this great shift in consciousness and the ascension of earth.

    We are full of joy to be able to be part of this great event, as we have significantly contributed to your awakening by beaming the light to your planet that carries love and information to evolve your consciousness.

    The consciousness of many has therefore changed and has been elevated. More people than ever before are now able to see and understand the signs of change, and they are ready to accept this change, mainly because they suffer already too much and too long, and others because they desire heaven to be on earth. They are not willing to take much longer the restrictions of the dark ones, laid upon you all. They desire the free expression of their soul-light and consciousness.

    You who are desperately waiting for the signs of true transformation, are the ones who came here to help bringing light into the darkness and who are not used to live in such limited consciousness and low vibration. But you are also the ones who are able to push the vibrational field into higher frequencies so that it is easier to receive the incoming light.

    How do you prepare best for the moment of the Shift? What is necessary so that you can participate directly in it, as it happens?

    Dearest family, the requirements are twofold:

    Firstly, prepare yourself to accept the unknown! You cannot know what will happen at the time of the shift and how each one of you will experience it! Therefore the acceptance includes a disposition of surrender and of releasing the urge for control! It is important that you are willing to let go of all concerns, all ideas and all strategies in that moment of shift, and consent whole bodily and energetically to be carried by the living current of the forces of light which orchestrate your ascension process.

    We recommend that you only focus on your heart and the love and desire of your heart where you want to be, what you want to realize spiritually. So this focus should be one-pointed and you all should prepare yourself to be aware of your principal spiritual goal! This is of most importance. When the shift occurs you must wholeheartedly be able not to lose this focus, but stably be grounded in it.

    Secondly: have all the affairs in your present life handled, so that nothing remains unresolved, and you are at peace on all material and spiritual levels, including your relationships! Make sure you have forgiven yourself and everybody else! Because if you have not, this will be a burden which would make your transition unnecessarily difficult!

    The transition, when it occurs, will be a surprise for you, as your familiar world will change and everything appears to be on a higher level of vibration which alters your consciousness and awareness. And you can only fully participate in this higher frequency if nothing holds you back vibrationally in your old world, this is very important to understand.

    Those who still have too much baggage, meaning heavier energy attached to them, will not be aware of the shift. For them it appears as if it had not happened. Or they may get a glimpse and partially or shortly participate in it, but then be drawn back to their familiar experience and level of vibration.

    But if it is right for you, you are given the great opportunity to be part of the shift, and so you bear personal responsibility to make sure to participate at the given moment, with your heart wide open!

    But do not worry, if the change in consciousness does not occur for you yet! Everybody is still granted time to prepare, because you can catch up when you are ready later!

    As from then on New Earth exists and is vibrating on a higher level, you are free to join, when you are prepared! This is great news! As long as Earth was bound to darkness it was very difficult to leave this dark realm, and penetrate the veil of forgetfulness, even after death. Therefore many souls were captured in lower astral worlds, to return to a new birth to basically the same limited situation and suffering they knew already from other lifetimes.

    But after the shift these souls have every support and possibility to ascend too, even by using the portal of physical death later. The powerful impact of the shift itself will open them up and change the DNA of those who have not been yet aware of the influx of light and the higher vibrations, which have been established already on earth before the shift. And this will move them to discover their own spirituality!

    Nobody is left behind who desires to grow spiritually. And you all are given your individual time to evolve. Thereby the place or planet is not important where this growth occurs! It is your inner spiritual process that counts, and whatever realm or dimension serves you best, will be the place for your evolution.

    We are aware that many of you wish to take direct and immediate advantage of the shift when it occurs but doubt whether they are truly ready for it.

    To those we say: do not look outwardly or do not compare yourself with others! All your major decisions and moves are always guided by your own Divine spirit! Also your spiritual growth in lower density is directed by it! So in case you are not able to go with the shift immediately, know it was not the decision of your own spirit! There are no coincidences!

    This might teach you a greater surrender to your own soul and to trust your own path and agree with it, rather then trying to push for certain accomplishments with the power of the ego. And when you truly listen, you know already your path.

    Be assured that whatever happens, happens because of the working of the Divine Will, which is active in each single one of you. This Divine Will is not an other, it is your own highest Truth that decides, what it wants to experience. And what it experiences always serves your own journey on all levels in this vast universe!

    We are here to accompany you in all your endeavors, and with joy we embrace you with the Light and Love from the Creator!

    We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

    Message conveyed by Ute

  • Gee poetic, after reading this, I have one very major question: How on earth can one know if they are ready for the shift when it happens? I myself have felt this overwhelming urge to get my house in order (as much as I can anyway), get my finances into some sort of manageable state, and have been trying to let go of as much baggage as possible. But I still feel weighed down truth be told.

    This must be a universal question; the one I've posed above wouldn't you say? So to repeat it: How does one know if they are ready for the shift? Or not ... !? Ah dear ...

    Blessings for your posts dear friend



  • I believe our soul knows, your higher self knows, JUST BE..... I read something yesterday about getting your affairs in order, don't worry at all, the part of us that is sub consious and Multi Dimensional knows, I believe one day it will just hit us and we will know, in the meantime do the best you can, while you can and release all FEARS!

    WE ARE ALMOST AT THE PROMISED LAND, MOSES! LOL!, I think it's inside of us, it will be based on our Vibrations and perceptions, hey I don't know either!

  • At the moment my greatest fear is being alone, as I've lived a lot of my life that way. People have come into my life and left, with me being the one left behind every time. So, that is my biggest fear.

  • Well thats what you have to release, whatever you fear the most. You know your thoughts create your reality and the more "awareness" you give it, attention, focus the more it will grow. I would write down a list of whatever may be at the root of it, sometimes we set our own selves up with "self fufilling prophecy.' Talk to your partner, see what they think and in the mean team start planning plan B, what would make you happy, think of exciting things you can do alone? Maybe they all left because they were not the right one for you. Pray and ask that the perfect one for you, comes into your life and be open to it."Believe for whatever you want."

    I had a fear of being alone only monetarily I've been very, very lucky. I now know that Peace of Mind is free, I see folks making half of what I make, living a better life. I have planted the seeds for true freedom and am waiting on them to sprout. I'm happy to chat with you anytime. I hope you feel better!

    Trust me I have my moments too, Jesus said he even had doubts. Remember ego wants you to fear (the little nagging mind).

  • Thank you 🙂 It appears I've come from a different walk of life where I was brought up to believe that life was meant to be a struggle and good people did not have a lot of money. My partner has been dead broke and knows what it's like to live hand to mouth and be on the breadline.

    But, I've been lucky in that I've always had a roof over my head and that good people have come into my life when I've needed them. But I guess, once their "lesson" is learned, they leave and that tends to make me sad.

    I thought this guy was the right one, but don't know for sure now ... he keeps saying he loves me but wants a break and I don't know where I'm at! Have been awake since 2.30am and here I am, tapping away like my life depends on it 🙂 (I live in Australia by the way, hence possible time difference to yourself).

    Well, guess my fears of being alone have brought this to me, even though I have lived alone and not overly suffered for it. And I can't help but think of that annoying saying "thought it was too good to be true".

    Life's a challenge sometimes isn't it? Thank goodness we can find folk of like mind on a Site like this; it's been a saviour for me these last few months ...

  • Yeah, money does not make you happy but boy does it help! Another Aussie! I don't believe in struggle, we were not poor nor were we rich, my Grandmother made sure we never went hungry, I don't know. Anyway gotta go!

  • No worries! And no, money doesn't make you happy but lack of it causes nothing but constant worry and stress. Anyhoo, catch you another time! Thanks again 🙂

  • 🙂

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