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  • Inspired by the last post Ive read, 'how to deal with a Capricorn man' i was wondering, are capricorn women the same? I've been on and off with such a woman for the past 3 years, and it seems like they are 2 people in one. I was always scratching my head, and still am, one minute shes one way, next shes totally different. It leaves me very confused. It amazes me how quickly she can be so sweet and loving, and because of something she sees on tv or a comment i say sometimes an insignificant comment, she literally begins to punch me. I hope I make sense, feel free to ask more questions if I confused you all.

  • Well, I'm a Capricorn woman, but I have Scorpio rising, so anger management is a constant with me! You would have to compare her natal chart with yours and see if there's anything that conflicts in the Big Three (Sun, Moon & Ascendant) with yours. You may also want to get a bit personal and ask about her mental health -- does she see a psychologist/psychiatrist? Why? When you find that out, read about it as much as you can so you can understand a little about what she's going through.

    For me, I am moody at times, but part of that is the fact that I have adult ADHD! (As my last boyfriend kept complaining to me: "Ring the bell when you switch subjects!") This means that my brain's synapses - the body's "spark plugs" (if you're into auto repair) --fire faster than the average person. This has caused misunderstandings and bad choices in much of my life that I've finally decided to not go for male company at all! (Sorry to you gents out there who are really gentlemen, but I'm burnt out in that dept.)

    So again, ask tough questions -- and if she's not getting help, perhaps suggest getting tested just in case it's some sort of physical/mental problem and not just an astrological one.

  • I am a capricorn woman and I am not violent in the least. In fact,I prefer to withdraw,make sense of my emotions,then express them in a calm mannor. I do,however, cry easily. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and my feelings are quite easily hurt.

  • Hey ketira, well, I do have to say I know for a fact she saw and therapist a couple of years back, appearantly there were some issues going on between her and her mother and her being molested or touched when she was younger(but she never mentioned that to her mother or therapist, I discovered it on my own because of some signs I was able to pick up on regarding her attitude and when confronted, she admitted that much). The problem is that she never opens up to anybody or even therapist. As an aries, Im straightforward and many many times I would ask tough questions and all that would do was make her go into a shell. I was always trying to be there for her, always mentioned to have her get more therapy, I was very supportive but she just refused and now, in our on and off relationship im puzzled and hurt. I mean Ive been there for her for the past 3 years, done soo much for her, sacrificed, not just time, money, energy but also love to show her how much she means to me and that i want to be there for her. Out of the blue one day in may, she brakes up with me and ignores me for weeks, then comes back and is very loving caring as if nothing happened and tells me how much she loves me, and now all of the sudden she disappeared, I know she loves me, but im puzzled and wondering why she is trying to be out of my life when she herself tells me she loves me but she tells me that i deserve more. I'm sorry to rumble on and on about my feelings. thank you for everyone that takes time to read and and reply to this post

  • In spite of being an aquarian, I have heavy capricorn influences, and what you're describing here imo is that your Cappy gf may have low self esteem issues. Many Capricorns have a tendency to feel unsure and doubtful of themselves, and with negative influences in life can grow up to have a very poor self image. She may think she doesn't deserve you, doesn't deserve happiness, doesn't deserve anything at all for that matter, without realizing that its only what she believes. Everyone else might think she's pretty, smart witty etc and you might think shes a great gf, but she just may not believe it herself, trying her best but thinking it will never be enough. She might fall into depression if she persists, and therapy would be the best solution. Please don't push her to go for it though, try to tell her gently and practically, but don't try to sell it to her, being a cappy, she may only resist. Only when she decides shes had enough can there be a positive change. What you can do about it I don't know, but do make your thoughts clear to her. I hope it works out for you both, since you love her so much.

  • I am a Capricorn woman, rising sign Scorpio, moon in Leo and I can relate to the moods. I was very much like that a few years ago and I did seek therapy that helped me tremendously however it wasn't until I started truly looking within and feeding myself spiritually and creatively did I release some erratic emotions. Staying connected to authentic self keeps you rooted and alleviates many ailments. And for those of us who deal with anger (yes, me too) for me it comes down to what triggers it. Ask the question, find the cause and figure out how much is really in your own mind (most of it is). There are always tools to help with the triggers that are there.... great communication with respect to all parties is key--- I am learning this presently, but it works 🙂

    I hope this helps...

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